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According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA), an estimated 16 million people in the U.S. have Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), a chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drinking with no control over the amount of alcohol intake. Of the 16 million suffering with alcoholism, 9.8 million are men and 5.3 million are women. Around 6.2 percent of American adults age 18 and over had AUD in 2015. Alcoholism also affects around 623,000 young people between the ages of 12-17. Unfortunately, less than 10 percent receive rehab for alcoholism, which is dangerous to their health, affects work productivity and puts a strain on personal relationships. So if you or someone you know struggle with alcohol addiction, do not hesitate, call our Panama City Beach Florida alcohol rehab center today.

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Over the past 30 years, more and more evidence has supported that alcoholism is a chronic disease and much like other chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, long-term management is necessary This research is helpful in reducing the stigma associated with addiction while aiding clinicians in providing the best in evidence-based treatments for their patients. Scientific studies have shown that genetic factors influence alcoholism. In fact, children of alcoholics are four times more likely than children of non-alcoholic parents to develop alcoholism. In addition to the risk of alcoholism, these children also have a higher risk for behavioral and emotional problems. Genetics are only part of the possible causes. There are many factors that influence someone’s chances of developing alcoholism, however. More than half of children of alcoholics do not become alcoholic themselves.

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A large portion of people suffering from alcoholism are also living with a behavioral disorder, such as depression or PTSD. In fact, 37 percent of alcoholics and 53 percent of drug abusers are living with at least one serious co-occurring mental health issue. Alcohol or drugs can serve as a coping mechanism or “escape” from pain or trauma.

Signs Someone May Be Struggling With Alcoholism and Needs an Alcohol Rehab Center In Panama City Beach, FL:

To assess whether you or a loved one may have a drinking problem, here are some questions to ask.  In the past year, have you:

  • Consumed more alcohol than you intended?
  • Have wanted to, or tried to, cut down or stop drinking, but couldn’t?
  • Experienced cravings or strong urge to drink?
  • Realized that your drinking or the hangovers that result from heavy drinking have interfered with family, school or job obligations?
  • Continued to drink despite the negative effect on your family or friends?
  • Avoided activities that were important to you so that you could drink?
  • Have been reckless while drinking, endangering yourself or others (driving, swimming, operating machinery)?
  • Continued to drink even though it was making you feel depressed, anxious or given you memory blackouts?
  • Had to consume more alcohol than before to get the same effect?
  • Started to notice you have experienced withdrawal symptoms, such as trouble sleeping, shakiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, nausea, or sweating?

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Are you ready to get the quality rehab you need and deserve? Our staff at our Panama City Beach Florida alcohol rehab center is ready to help you or a loved one get control of your alcoholism and get your life back. We understand that each patient has different needs and challenges to overcome, therefore after a thorough clinical assessment, we will develop a plan customized to address the addiction and any underlying mental health disorders. Our caring staff at our alcohol rehab facility in Panama City Beach, FL will provide round-the-clock care during detoxification to help ease the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Alcoholism doesn’t just affect you; it affects your loved ones, your job, your responsibilities, and your overall health and well-being. Contact our alcohol addiction treatment center in Panama City Beach Florida today for a free consultation.

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