JourneyPure Emerald Coast is one of America’s leading evidence-based substance use disorder treatment centers. Assessing patient outcomes is one of the reasons why. Our focus is on ensuring we use the best of what works and following through to confirm results. Ultimately addiction and mental health treatment are only doing their job if a person can build lasting recovery as a result. Our data gathering and outcome assessments help us ensure that the care we provide is delivering the results our clients and their loved ones need.

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JourneyPure Emerald Coast is a dual-diagnosis addiction treatment center, devoted to continuous growth and improvement. Our evidence-based care incorporates individual treatment plans informed by clinical research. Our focus is on healing, but also ensuring every person we treat receives the tools they need to overcome substance abuse and manage any mental health disorders for the long term. We also empower every client to continue their progress long after their treatment here is done. Our program offers comprehensive mental health services as well as treatment for substance abuse disorders. We focus on the dual-diagnosis aspect while providing clients with the knowledge and tools to continue their recovery and growth for the rest of their lives..


patients report having attended support groups.


patients report adherence to continuing care recommendations since leaving treatment.


patients report being satisfied, or better, with their relationships.


patients report being satisfied, or better, with their ability to handle stress.


patients report being satisfied, or better, with their quality of life.

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