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While it is never an easy thing to make the decision to attend treatment, we here at Emerald Coast aim to make this decision a wise one and make the transition from addiction to addiction-free as easy as possible.

Residential rehabilitation, or “rehab” for short, is a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program that is provided in a residential setting. An effective drug rehab facility in Panama City Beach, FL is abstinence-based, though some treatments involve medication to assist in the treatment process.

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There are six approaches and philosophies provided by traditional model drug and alcohol rehabs. The approaches include:
– 12-Step. These terms come from the 12 Steps of the Minnesota Model and are closely associated with the approaches of Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous. Under this approach, addiction is treated as a disease.
– Therapeutic community. In a therapeutic community, staff and patients work together as members of a social community, working in groups to learn more about their issues regarding addiction and any mental health issues that co-occur.
– Faith-based. Faith-based services involve religious staff and may require residents to share their faith and beliefs. The activities of a faith-based treatment may include the study of religious texts and sessions of quiet prayer.
– Eclectic/Integrated. Eclectic or integrated is shorthand for programs that do not adhere to any particular philosophy. They use a range of different methods and interventions focused on meeting the needs of individual patients.
– Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and social learning. CBT-based programs include psychological treatments in which actions are believed to influence future behavior.
– Personal and skills development. An addiction program that focuses on personal and skills development may focus less on the psychological therapeutic interventions and more on practical skills needed to engage in everyday life after treatment, such as employment training, education, and work experience.

These different approaches can influence every aspect of a patient’s drug rehab experience. But in recent years, these approaches and philosophies have been combined, leading to new and exciting treatment approaches.

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Addiction Therapies

When you join the treatment and recovery program at JourneyPure drug rehab facility in Panama City Beach, FL you will have access to the following therapies:
– Individual Therapy. Individual therapy is made up of regular one-on-one sessions with a therapist. These sessions enable patients to understand their condition and develop the necessary self-awareness to beat the addiction.
– Group Therapy. The value of group therapy is that it encourages communication between people who are experiencing similar situations. Group therapy also promotes self-awareness and the feeling that they are not going through recovery alone.
– Holistic Therapy. Many outpatient programs recognize that the body and soul also need therapy, as much as if not more than the mind. Holistic and experiential therapies include art and music, meditation, and equine, or horse, therapy.

Therapy of any kind takes different shapes depending on the patient’s needs, and it evolves as the patient’s recovery evolves. Therefore, it’s an industry truism that no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.



JourneyPure’s Panama city beach, fl drug rehab programs

Each individualized treatment plan at our drug addiction treatment center in Panama City Beach, FL varies depending on the kinds of substances used, the mental health issues involved, and the goals, characteristics, and personality of the patient.

Matching treatment to a person’s particular needs is critical to his or her recovery success.

  • In individual therapy, the patient has the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a counselor or therapist. This professional helps the patient better understand him or herself and his or her addiction.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the therapeutic practices offered by Emerald Coast. It can teach the patient how to recognize, avoid, and manage certain kinds of addiction triggers.

The therapy is more than just talk. It imparts the tools and strategies needed to stay sober. It shows you how to apply these in your life. Different types of therapy will also be able to help with anger and stress management, trauma, anxiety, and grief.

  • Group therapy is another part of our Panama City Beach, FL drug rehab. Group therapy allows the patient to practice interpersonal skills in a safe, understanding space. It also reminds patients that they are not alone in their addiction experiences.

Therapy can also be an active, hands-on, exciting experience. Experiential therapies get people “out of themselves,” and can lead to new experiences while also learning more about the self, emotions, and the recovery experience.

We offer experiential, adventure, yoga, art, music, and equine therapy. We encourage our patients to supplement their recovery with these and other treatment options.

Each of these programs is tailored to treat any co-occurring mental health issues. This is also called dual diagnosis or integrated treatment and is crucial for taking care of the whole patient.

When it comes to the treatment of substance abuse issues, most people who suffer from addiction will need to attend a Panama City Beach, FL drug rehab center. The reason for this is because it is very difficult to stay free of drug or alcohol addiction alone.

Often, when a person attempts to get sober on their own, they will fall back into using at some point during the detox phase of their recovery. This is due to the fact that withdrawal symptoms are tremendously difficult to deal with without medical supervision. Plus, even after withdrawal symptoms have stopped, relapse remains a serious danger.

For these reasons, it is suggested that people attend a drug rehab facility in Panama City Beach, FL for their addiction.

Medical Detox

A Panama City Beach, FL drug rehab program starts with detoxification, or detox, and stabilization. This means the patient begins his or her treatment by getting physically healthy and creating a strong foundation for building a new life. The best drug rehab facilities offer medically supervised detox services, ensuring patient safety and support, and treating withdrawal symptoms if and when they arise.

During this phase of treatment, over-the-counter medications may be provided to help lessen the discomfort of short-term withdrawal. In more extreme cases, such as heroin withdrawal, a medication such as Methadone or Suboxone might be prescribed, but only under extenuating circumstances, and only with the goal of total abstinence. After all, these drugs can themselves be addictive.


When it comes to the JourneyPure approach to treatment, our patients are fully invested and actively involved in their recovery, addressing not only their addiction but their underlying, co-occurring mental health issues. This is what is known as an integrated or dual-diagnosis treatment. It is hard work, but also pleasant in the wake of the life-altering events of drug and alcohol addiction.

Some features of this hard work include individual and group therapy sessions, drug counseling, one-on-one psychotherapy, and experiential therapy such as adventure, music, yoga, and equine therapy. As with many drug addiction centers, residential treatment lasts from 30 to 90 days.

STAGES OF drug addiction treatment

Many drug rehab facilities provide residential treatment in stages, though these stages are pretty fluid. Broadly speaking, the stages of drug addiction treatment in Panama City Beach are as follows:
– Stage one usually corresponds to short-stay rehabilitative programs or the initial stages of long-term drug rehab programs, focusing on therapeutic interventions and the patient’s immediate responses to living drug-free.
– Stage two, occurring somewhere around the 12-week mark, though there are variations, addresses the development of life skills, education, and training. It is during this stage that the patient starts to develop the life skills necessary to maintain sobriety.
– Not offered under all treatment programs, stage three of an effective drug rehab program corresponds to the patient living independently, with additional support and mentoring maintained by therapists and “coaches.”

Knowing the stages and approaches of the Panama City Beach, FL drug rehab facility does not translate into knowing what the rehab experience is like.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse maintains that effective treatment most often involves the following steps:
– Detoxification, or ridding the body of addictive substances
– Behavioral therapy and counseling
– Medical support
– Evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or obsessive-compulsive disorder
– Long-term follow-up to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse


If you think that you or your loved one may have a problem with drugs and you believe that they need a drug rehab in the Panama City Beach area, then call the professionals at Emerald Coast today.

Utilizing our HIPPA-compliant software application designed exclusively for JourneyPure, our staff stays connected to every patient for a minimum of one year after treatment. This post-treatment connection supports total wellness recovery and plays a crucial role in helping our patients break free of the addiction cycle.

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