Trauma-Informed Care For Addiction Recovery

Trauma is defined as an emotional response to a terrible event in someone’s life. Whether it is a horrific accident, natural disaster, sexual or physical abuse, military combat or neglect, the impact of trauma causes physical and emotional reactions in the victim. If those wounds are not treated, the individual is likely to suffer health problems, including mental illness and substance abuse. Many are drawn to drugs or alcohol because the pain is too much to bear on their own and abusing substances becomes a way to self-medicate. It is because of this that trauma-informed care in addiction treatment is incredibly important. Trauma-informed care in Panama City Beach, FL is a treatment framework that recognizes and responds to the effects of trauma while also addressing the physical and emotional safety for the patient.

What To Expect From Trauma-Informed Care Addiction Treatment In Panama City Beach Florida

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, 55 to 99 percent of women being treated for substance use disorders and 85 – 95 percent of women in the public mental health system have a history of trauma, mostly linked to their childhood. When someone experiences trauma, it affects every part of their being, from physical, mental, social, and spiritual.  The National Survey of Adolescents reported that teens who have experienced physical or sexual trauma were three times more likely to admit to current or past substance abuse. In surveys of adolescents in treatment for substance use disorders, more than 70 percent had experienced trauma. Another study released by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) revealed the costs of untreated trauma-related alcohol and drug abuse were estimated to be $161 billion in 2000.

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, our team is highly skilled in treating trauma. After a thorough clinical assessment, each patient will have an individual care plan that is customized to meet their needs emotionally and physically. Our compassionate, professional counselors understand that for a long period of time, these substances have been the misplaced way of dealing with deep emotional wounds. This understanding is the first step in providing a trusting, safe place for the patient.

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Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma is something that millions of people experience in their lives. This emotional response to a devastating event can cause people to suffer significantly, and if the appropriate treatment for it is not obtained, continued devastation is bound to occur.

Sexual abuse, domestic violence, neglect, combat exposure, natural disasters, and the unexpected loss of a loved one are all traumatic events. Someone does not need to experience a near-death experience, however, to suffer from trauma, as other life circumstances such as divorce and abandonment can be traumatic, too.

People who have experienced trauma are at increased risk of suffering from mental illness and/or substance abuse. Several people who come through the doors of our drug rehab have become addicted to one or more dangerous substances in response to the traumatic event they have experienced. This is common, as turning to drug abuse can help a trauma survivor numb the effects of that trauma rather than face it head-on. Those attending our drug rehab who have a substance use disorder accompanied by a mental illness caused by trauma (e.g. posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, panic disorder) have a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis. Luckily, at JourneyPure Emerald Coast, we have the right people and the right resources to treat this specific condition in a compassionate, effective manner.

Trauma Statistics

Approximately 70% of adults living in the United States have experienced a traumatic event, with 20% of these adults developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in response to that event. And, at any given time, roughly 24.4 million Americans have PTSD.

Women are historically known to experience trauma more than men, with one in every nine women developing PTSD. This is more than double the prevalence of PTSD in men. PTSD as a result of trauma is most common in people in the healthcare industry, and 71% of women serving in the military develop PTSD because of sexual assault. Additional statistics include the following:

  • Teenagers who experienced physical or sexual trauma are three times more likely to admit to current or past substance abuse
  • More than 70% of adolescents have experienced trauma
  • 55%-99% of women receiving treatment for a substance use disorder have a history of trauma

What to Expect at our Trauma-Informed Care Treatment Program in Panama City Beach, FL

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, our team is not only skilled and experienced in treating trauma and substance use disorder but is also sensitive and understanding of what each patient is going through. After providing an in-depth assessment, our team provides a patient with a customized individual care plan that puts in motion the therapeutic resources needed to help him or her overcome both of these troubling issues.

Each one of our therapists understands that for patients struggling with the effects of trauma and a substance use disorder, that his or her substance abuse has been masking a great deal of pain. This understanding is the first step in providing patients with a safe, comforting environment to heal in.

Patients attending our drug rehab can rest assured that the people at JourneyPure Emerald Coast are knowledgeable of how much trauma can affect a person. We know that it is important to approach each and every patient with trauma-informed care as to not retraumatize them, which is why we implement this type of approach in our drug rehab.

Guiding Principles of Trauma-Informed Care at Our Drug Rehab

It is not enough to be understanding of what a patient has been through, as those who have experienced trauma go through much more than just the event itself. Knowing the number of individuals who have experienced trauma and who come to JourneyPure Emerald Coast for drug rehab, we make it a priority that all employees are well-versed in trauma-informed care.

Trauma-informed care is defined as “understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma.” It serves as a treatment framework for providers to help prevent alienating or retraumatizing someone who has already been traumatized. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), facilities such as our drug rehab include the following guiding principles in their programming:

  • Safety – staff and the people they serve feel physically and psychologically safe
  • Trustworthiness and transparency – decisions are conducted with transparency and the goal of building and maintaining trust among staff and clients
  • Peer support and mutual self-help – understood as the key vehicle for building trust, establishing safety and empowerment
  • Collaboration and mutuality – healing happens in relationships and in the meaningful sharing of power and decision-making
  • Empowerment, voice, and choice – individuals’ strengths are recognized, built on, and validated and new skills developed as necessary
  • Cultural, historical, and gender issues –staff actively moves past cultural stereotypes and biases, offers gender-responsive services, leverages the healing value of traditional cultural connections, and recognizes and addresses historical trauma

Trauma-Informed Care Treatment Program in Panama City Beach, FL

At our trauma-informed care treatment program in Panama City Beach, FL, our staff is not just familiar with this approach but has woven it into the very fabric of our work. Our goal is to help heal the mind, body, and spirit of each patient who comes to us for help. Using evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, we show patients how to obtain and implement coping strategies in their lives so that long-term recovery can be achieved.

Getting Help at our Trauma-Informed Care Treatment Program in Panama City Beach, FL

Living with the untreated effects of trauma can prevent you from living the life that you have dreamed of. And, if you are abusing drugs in an effort to manage your pain, chances are life will get worse.

You are not alone. Millions of people throughout the country and the world have experienced unspeakable trauma just like you have. Getting professional treatment is the only way to effectively overcome the obstacles that have stood between you and your own happiness.
Reach out to our trauma-informed care treatment program in Panama City Beach, FL right now to get the help you deserve.

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