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Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse In Panama City Beach Florida

Many people seem to think that residential addiction treatment is the only option when it comes to recovery. However, there are many different forms of treatment.

Some addiction treatment is inpatient, meaning that the patient will live at the facility for up to 90 days. Other treatment can be arranged for those whose lives do not allow them to be away for so long. For these people, the outpatient level of care is more suited to their needs.

In Panama City Beach, JourneyPure offers an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse also known as IOP, because we understand that people living with an addiction require a personalized treatment, one that takes into account their needs and responsibilities.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse?

An Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse is a level of care in substance abuse treatment that does not require the individual to stay at a facility. People who attend our intensive outpatient program for substance abuse attend group and individual therapy sessions a few times during the week. When their sessions are over, they go home.



How Soon Can I Enroll, and How Long Will I Stay?

In some cases, a person can immediately enroll in our Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse in Panama City Beach. Of course, the length of time a person is in an intensive outpatient program for substance abuse depends on the treatment he or she is receiving. Everyone is different and every IOP is designed with that person’s health and welfare in mind. 

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Who Needs an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse?

Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse is well-suited for:
– Students
– Parents/Caregivers
– Those who don’t require 24-hour supervision
– Those who have completed long-term rehab and would like an aftercare program

Those who attend an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse, most often participate in group and individual therapy sessions during the day or in the evening. This gives them the flexibility to continue to work at their jobs or meet other obligations they might have.

For instance, if a person has to continue their work, then they can attend an IOP program at night after their work is done. The same goes for a person who has to care for children. They can attend an IOP during the day while their kids are at school and make it home in time to meet their usual family obligations.

Studies have suggested that allowing individuals to continue with their daily routines during substance abuse treatment can create additional life stressors. IOP intensive outpatient allows for people to gain added support from family and friends to deal with those stressors if and when they come up.

It should be noted that patients who are best suited to begin their recovery journey with IOP intensive outpatient must be medically stable. This means they should not be experiencing any significant withdrawal symptoms.

One reason for this is that some substances can have fatal withdrawal symptoms. In these cases, medical assistance should be sought out during the detox period.

Second, when a patient is going through withdrawal, they are more apt to “relapse,” or fall back into using abusing substances.

Individuals who begin treatment at the outpatient level should have a supportive home life. If they are living with an individual who abuses drugs or alcohol, or if there is real strain at home, then IOP might not be the way to go initially.

Lastly, individuals who attend an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse should be open to considering a stay in residential treatment if their use continues during outpatient treatment.

Therapies offered in an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse

When you join an Intensive Outpatient Program For Substance Abuse, you will have access to the following therapies:

  • Individual Therapy, made up of regular one-on-one sessions with a therapist. These sessions enable patients to understand their condition and develop the necessary self-awareness to beat the addiction.
  • Group Therapy, which encourages communication between people who are experiencing similar situations. Group therapy also promotes self-awareness and the feeling that they are not going through recovery alone.
  • Holistic and experiential therapies, which include art and music, meditation, adventure therapy (ropes courses, kayaking), and equine, or horse, therapy.

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