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For people suffering from addiction, the body can become dependent on certain drugs and alcohol that make withdrawal symptoms uncomfortable and possibly even life-threatening if not monitored carefully. In treatment, this chemical imbalance needs to be restored under medical supervision.

If you or a loved one is looking for a drug detox in Florida that is not only safe but also effective, you need to look no further than our rehab. Our team of caring professionals knows exactly what our clients are going through, and has the knowledge and experience to help.

We provide around-the-clock monitoring as well as evidence-based techniques and medications to bring relief from uncomfortable symptoms some people experience during detoxification.

Detoxification and stabilization are the first steps in the JourneyPure path of care for people whose drug abuse requires assistance in managing withdrawal symptoms in treatment.

What You Can Expect At Our Drug Detox Center

JourneyPure’s drug detox center in Panama City Beach, FL has three distinct stages with their own unique set of challenges. The JourneyPure Emerald Coast staff is equipped to handle all of them:

  • Emergent detox: Flu-like symptoms, including shakiness and sweating, emerge when the brain expects its next dose of drugs or alcohol. Left untreated, these symptoms can persist for weeks.
  • Acute detox: When more severe side effects of the withdrawal process — including the anxiety, delusions, and insomnia mentioned above — present themselves. Medication can help lessen the severity of these withdrawal symptoms.  With some substances like Xanax or alcohol, this process can be life-threatening.
  • Post-detox: Once the drugs have left a clients’ system and the majority of physical withdrawal symptoms have subsided, the brain continues to heal from the damage of substance use.  Often feelings of depression and worry can remain. This is where residential rehab and counseling can help clients cope.

Detoxing is different based on the substance you’re removing from your body, including some of the following symptoms:

  • Drug detox — During drug detoxification, you may feel shaky, headachy or nauseous. In severe cases, you may feel like you have the flu, hallucinate, or feel very anxious.
  • Alcohol & Drugs — Symptoms of withdrawal from both drugs and alcohol depend on the drugs you were using. General withdrawal symptoms include feeling shaky, anxious or depressed, as well as feeling nauseous and achy.
  • Cocaine detox — Cocaine detox can make you feel tired, edgy or sleepy.
  • Meth detox — Meth detox can cause fatigue and depression. You may sleep more and have vivid dreams, almost like hallucinations. You may feel hungrier than usual, too.
  • Opiates detox — Opiates include heroin, morphine, and OxyContin. Opiate detox causes hot and cold sweats, runny eyes and nose, and abdominal cramps.
  • Prescription drug detox — Prescription drug detox causes symptoms that differ according to the drugs being abused.

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How Does the Program Work?

Our drug detox in FL starts the recovery process by helping you safely withdraw from the substance. Because addiction causes both mental and physical changes, it can be dangerous to stop taking drugs without medical supervision. Changes in your hormones, brain chemistry, blood pressure, and nervous system may need medication to regulate until your body recovers.

With the professional help from our drug detox facility in Florida, you’ll safely stop using drugs. The first few hours can be intense, but you won’t be alone. We have staff members who have been through detox themselves and know what it’s like.

Can Withdrawal Symptoms kill you?

Unfortunately, certain withdrawal symptoms can kill you if it is done improperly, or if you’re trying to quit “cold turkey” on your own. That’s because your body has adapted over time to the number of drugs or alcohol you’ve been taking. Stopping them abruptly can cause a boomerang effect in your blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature. Do not drug detox on your own.

Detoxification at a drug detox, with medical supervision and treatment available, is very safe. We have the experience to recognize potential problems and take immediate action to keep you healthy and comfortable as your body withdraws from substance abuse.

Can you detox at home?

Please do not try to detox from drugs at home. It isn’t safe. Many people think they can safely quit, but without medical advice or supervision, you’re entering into very dangerous territory. Your body has worked hard to stay alive while you were taking drugs and is adapted to the substances you were abusing. When you abruptly take away those substances, your body can struggle to maintain its equilibrium. It’s not safe to do this at home without support.

How long is a drug detox program?

Drug detox varies from a few days to as long as a few weeks, depending on how long you’ve been abusing substances, what you were abusing, etc. It’s not possible to give you an exact timeframe for how long you’ll need for drug detox. A full and complete recovery program takes 30 days or more, preferably more. You’ll need time to adjust to your new, sober lifestyle and to learn the tools and skills you need to be healthy again.

Why Choose Emerald Coast’s Detox Program?

For people struggling with the disease of addiction, the body, and the mind can become reliant on the drugs that are most frequently being abused. When those drugs are not used in the amount that they regularly are used in, or if the user suddenly stops use entirely, several displeasing and sometimes debilitating symptoms can kick in. Unless a person goes back to using, he or she will suffer from these symptoms for several days or weeks.

At our medical detox center, we understand the pain and frustration that can come from ending substance abuse. We know that in doing so, people face a slew of withdrawal symptoms that can make it difficult to continue to abstain from use. Therefore, we provide 24/7, around-the-clock monitoring. We implement evidence-based treatments and the use of medications to ensure that patients are as comfortable as they can possibly be during this challenging period of recovery.

For millions of people, the very first step in the process of recovery is detox. At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, those who are ready to stop abusing drugs for good can benefit from our medical treatment, psychological care, and overall support that we provide.

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If you are addicted to drugs, it is critical that you seek immediate help like that provided at our drug detox in Panama City, FL. Our team can help you properly detox and do so in a safe manner, as well as support your continuity of care so that you receive the appropriate mental and emotional treatment needed to fully overcome your addiction.

Stopping drug use and focusing on building a life of recovery can be jarring for many. We understand the massive undertaking that you will be taking on by reaching out and asking for help. Knowing that, we are not only here to help you treat symptoms, but also here to cheer you on as you make your way towards a life of recovery.

Do not wait any longer. If you think you need care at a medical detox center and continued therapeutic treatment, reach out to our drug detox in Panama City, FL today. We can help you.

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