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For people suffering from addiction, the body can become dependent on certain drugs that make withdrawal symptoms uncomfortable and possibly even life-threatening if not monitored carefully. In treatment, this chemical imbalance needs to be restored by the body under medical supervision.

At our Detox Center For Substance Abuse, we provide around-the-clock monitoring as well as evidence-based techniques and medications to bring relief from uncomfortable symptoms some people experience during detoxification.

Detoxification and stabilization are the first steps in the JourneyPure path of care for people whose drug abuse requires assistance in managing withdrawal symptoms in treatment.

What You Can Expect At Our Detox Center For Substance Abuse

JourneyPure’s Detox Center For Substance Abuse has three distinct stages with their own unique set of challenges. The JourneyPure Emerald Coast staff is equipped to handle all of them:

  • Emergent detox: Flu-like symptoms, including shakiness and sweating, emerge when the brain expects its next dose of drugs or alcohol. Left untreated, these symptoms can persist for weeks.
  • Acute detox: When more severe side effects of the withdrawal process — including the anxiety, delusions, and insomnia mentioned above — present themselves. Medication can help lessen the severity of these withdrawal symptoms.  With some substances, this process can be life-threatening.
  • Post-detox: Once the drugs have left a clients’ system and the majority of physical withdrawal symptoms have subsided, the brain continues to heal from the damage of substance use.  Often feelings of depression and worry can remain. This is where therapy and counseling can help clients cope.

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Get the right help at our Detox Center For Substance Abuse in Panama City Beach

Trying to overcome addiction alone can be a losing battle. JourneyPure recognizes several critical steps you must take to overcome addiction:

  • Seek immediate help from a leading treatment facility like our Detox Center For Substance Abuse in Panama City Beach to receive professional support.
  • Because withdrawal symptoms are swift, severe and sometimes even fatal, treatment usually begins with detoxification. Medically supervised detox allows the user to experience the crippling effects of withdrawal – nausea, vomiting, profuse sweating, joint pain, fever, and anxiety – in a safe environment with a team of medical professionals.
  • Undergo cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling to understand the reasons behind your drug use, learn how to manage cravings and regain a sense of self-worth and meaning in life.
  • Embrace the fact that recovery is an ongoing process that will require hard work.
  • Addiction therapists provide patients with cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducation to address the biological foundations of drug addiction.

Through our Detox Center For Substance Abuse, you can learn to live a sober and satisfying life without drugs. You are worth it. Let us help. Talk to one of our compassionate counselors about detox today if you or someone you know is suffering from addiction and looking for treatment.

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