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Medical Detox Facility In Panama City Beach Florida

For people suffering from addiction, the body can become dependent on certain drugs that make withdrawal symptoms uncomfortable and possibly even life-threatening if not monitored carefully. In treatment, this chemical imbalance needs to be restored by the body under medical supervision.

At our medical detox facility in Panama City Beach, FL we provide around-the-clock monitoring as well as evidence-based techniques and medications to bring relief from uncomfortable symptoms some people experience during detoxification.

Detoxification and stabilization are the first steps in the JourneyPure path of care for people whose drug abuse requires assistance in managing withdrawal symptoms in treatment.

What You Can Expect At Our Panama City Beach, FL Drug Detox Center

JourneyPure’s drug detox center in Panama City Beach, FL has three distinct stages with their own unique set of challenges. The JourneyPure Emerald Coast staff is equipped to handle all of them:

  • Emergent detox: Flu-like symptoms, including shakiness and sweating, emerge when the brain expects its next dose of drugs or alcohol. Left untreated, these symptoms can persist for weeks.
  • Acute detox: When more severe side effects of the withdrawal process — including the anxiety, delusions, and insomnia mentioned above — present themselves. Medication can help lessen the severity of these withdrawal symptoms.  With some substances, this process can be life-threatening.
  • Post-detox: Once the drugs have left a clients’ system and the majority of physical withdrawal symptoms have subsided, the brain continues to heal from the damage of substance use.  Often feelings of depression and worry can remain. This is where residential rehab and counseling can help clients cope.

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Drug Detox in Panama City, FL

For people struggling with the disease of addiction, the body, and the mind can become reliant on the drugs that are most frequently being abused. When those drugs are not used in the amount that they regularly are used in, or if the user suddenly stops use entirely, several displeasing and sometimes debilitating symptoms can kick in. Unless a person goes back to using, he or she will suffer from these symptoms for several days or weeks.

At our medical detox center, we understand the pain and frustration that can come from ending substance abuse. We know that in doing so, people face a slew of withdrawal symptoms that can make it difficult to continue to abstain from use. Therefore, we provide 24/7, around-the-clock monitoring. We implement evidence-based treatments and the use of medications to ensure that patients are as comfortable as they can possibly be during this challenging period of recovery.

For millions of people, the very first step in the process of recovery is detox. At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, those who are ready to stop abusing drugs for good can benefit from our medical treatment, psychological care, and overall support that we provide.

How Does Addiction Develop?

People who abuse drugs can easily become addicted to them, and rather quickly at that. When a person is abusing a drug like heroin or cocaine, every time he or she consumes it, the brain releases neurotransmitters that produce feelings of reward, gratification, and pleasure. The more that the drug is abused, the more the brain wants to function as it does when an addictive substance is present, which is what is occurring when a person craves continued use of his or her drug of choice. Unfortunately, continually abusing one or more drugs can lead to more serious issues.

Abusing a drug causes the brain to continually crave more, which then triggers the person to keep using. From that use can come the development of tolerance, which occurs when the body requires more of the drug in order for the user to obtain the feeling of being high. To keep achieving that high, a person will have to increase how much he or she uses. This is a pattern that can continue up to the point where the amount that someone is abusing is lethal and an overdose can happen.

Adding a layer of complexity to the disease of addiction is dependence. This usually occurs after a person has become tolerant to one or more drugs. When dependent on drugs, a person cannot stop using them or lessen the amount he or she normally uses without experiencing physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include everything from a headache to a deadly seizure, which is why the period of withdrawal is notorious for being painful and distressing. When a person makes an effort to stop using drugs on his or her own, the withdrawal symptoms he or she experiences can become so overwhelming that they go back to using. The cycle of addiction then continues.

Stages of Drug Detox in Panama City, FL

The team at our drug detox in Panama City, FL are aware of how much withdrawal symptoms and detox needs can vary from patient to patient. The severity of a person’s detox is based on a number of factors, including how much of a drug was being abused and how often, as well as if they have a mental illness. Knowing that detox can be different from one patient to the next, our medical detox center is prepared to treat each and every stage of drug detox that our patients can experience including the following:

  • Emergent stage – Withdrawal symptoms associated with nearly every drug can develop within hours after a person’s last use. At first, these symptoms may seem minor, but quickly they can become worse. The emergent stage, which occurs shortly after drugs are no longer being used, can produce symptoms such as tremors, sweating, chills, and flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, headache, and muscle cramps.  When receiving treatment at our drug detox in Panama City, FL, these symptoms can be treated so they do not otherwise persist for weeks.
  • Acute stage – The acute stage of detox is when more upsetting and significant symptoms begin. Anxiety, insomnia, depression, hallucinations, and paranoia are common symptoms that can occur during this stage; however, our medical detox center can help by providing medications to ease these symptoms.
  • Post-detox – When drugs have been cleared from a patient’s system, he or she is likely feeling much better. However, during post-detox, some issues such as depression and anxiety can persist as the brain continues to heal from the destruction caused by the abuse. These symptoms can be treated best in both an inpatient or outpatient setting.

Our medical detox center is equipped with everything needed to help each patient get through every stage of detox as quickly and as painlessly as possible. At drug detox in Panama City, FL, we encourage patients who have completed detox to continue to receive treatment through one of our programs.

Get Professional Help at our Drug Detox in Panama City, FL Right Now

If you are addicted to drugs, it is critical that you seek immediate help like that provided at our drug detox in Panama City, FL. Our team can help you properly detox and do so in a safe manner, as well as support your continuity of care so that you receive the appropriate mental and emotional treatment needed to fully overcome your addiction.

Stopping drug use and focusing on building a life of recovery can be jarring for many. We understand the massive undertaking that you will be taking on by reaching out and asking for help. Knowing that, we are not only here to help you treat symptoms, but also here to cheer you on as you make your way towards a life of recovery.

Do not wait any longer. If you think you need care at a medical detox center and continued therapeutic treatment, reach out to our drug detox in Panama City, FL today. We can help you.

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