Science Says the Ocean is Good for Your Mental Health

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 | By JP Emerald Coast

Research shows that being near the water can lift your mood, relax your heart rate and lower your stress levelall great things for improving your overall mental health. At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, we’ve got the ocean views, and relaxing breezes that go with them, allowing you to reap the mind-body benefits of water.

Water Therapy Takes Many Forms

Therapy can mean a world of things outside of the stereotypical patient lying on a chaise. Simply being around water can increase the brain’s levels of happy dopamine and decrease stressful cortisol, making it a wonderful, natural form of therapy. “Ocean therapy” and time spent surfing has even been shown to play a role in decreasing symptoms of PTSD when studied in veterans.

Is science just telling us what we already knew to be true? Maybe. Many people have long reported the personally perceived benefits of water, with 45 percent of the population traveling to the beach each year and all top reported vacation destinations being coastal. And it isn’t just the outdoors in general that lifts the spirit, lower psychological stress is being reported from particular exposure to blue space rather than green.

If you’re finding yourself landlocked but want to feel some of the proven benefits of hydrotherapy, you could just hop in the shower or bath. Feeling water on your skin is why spas offering soaking baths as a service are popular relaxation destinations.

Whatever form of water you prefer to retreat to, it’s likely to make you feel better. Over and over, research is proving that humans are simply drawn to the water and the blue space. Blue is even universally reported to be the most popular “favorite color,” and psychologists aren’t surprised, considering the repeated positive studies.

Addiction + Mental Health

Often, mental health disorders and addiction go hand in hand. The coupling of addiction and mental health is referred to as co-occurring disorder. If you are struggling with addiction or a co-occurring mental health disorder and need more than a dip in the pool to reset, we invite you to find out more on how JourneyPure Emerald Coast can help. With all the benefits of an ocean setting, we offer evidence-based dual-diagnosis treatment allowing you to relax, reconnect and restore yourself. Call today to find out how our addiction and mental health treatment model can help you live the life you deserve. 

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