Family Programming

Addiction is a Family Disease

Addiction is a systemic disease affecting not only all aspects of the individual but their surroundings and relationships. Because addiction impacts everyone in the family; each member experiences the pain and dysfunction of the addiction. This is why it is addiction is known as a “family disease.”

Family Counseling and Addiction Education Services in Florida

Family plays a huge role in recovery which is why we often recommend treatment that incorporates family counseling. Recovery and healing is not just for the individual struggling with addiction, the family has also been subjected to the pain and challenges the addicted family member may have caused and can benefit from restorative treatment practice as well.

Family therapy can be difficult at times, especially if there are others struggling with addiction in the family or if loved ones have become enablers. In many cases, the family unknowingly enables the addict to spiral out of control by making excuses, loaning money, or covering up for the addicted individual. Although the intentions are often well-meaning, the effects can be detrimental. This is known as co-dependency. It’s one of the topics that the JourneyPure Emerald Coast experts frequently discuss during family counseling.

Co-dependent people develop compulsions and unhealthy behaviors of their own in an effort to protect the substance abuser. Enabling behavior is often subtle and is never intended to hurt, so it’s important not to blame certain family members. Yet it’s critical, for the recovery success of the addict and health of the family unit, to recognize and prevent enabling behavior so true healing can begin.

Experiential Therapy for Families

Beyond standard family therapy addiction sessions, we offer experiential therapy treatments for family groups. These may include participating in songwriting workshops or engaging in team-building adventures together. By broadening the positive experiences within your family, we can help create a better understanding of how the family can benefit everyone in the future.

Experiential therapies as part of family therapy can be remarkable exercises. Patients look back upon the experiences as some of the most meaningful and influential. Often, the addiction that is overwhelming a family is brought to light very quickly when all members of the family commit themselves to family therapy counseling services. From there, true healing can occur.

Family Programming Goals:

  • Better communication
  • Develop a healthy strategy for supporting one another emotionally during the recovery process
  • Establish meaningful yet appropriate boundaries
  • Address a loved one’s drug or alcohol dependence
  • Recognize and prevent enabling behavior

Family counseling is a proven method for long-term addiction recovery and healing. While we understand that addiction treatment with family counseling can be hard at times, it truly opens the door for many growth and healing possibilities. Families have the possibility of making incredible discoveries and achievements together, with ongoing treatment and a commitment to everyone’s mental health.

How to Know If Family Counseling Might Be Right

There are many signs that indicate family counseling might be a good choice for you and your loved ones:

  • There is a family history of addiction that seems to repeat itself.
  • Someone in your family is making it easier for you to stay addicted, such as a loved one who purchases drugs or alcohol for you or provides you with money.
  • There are deep-seated emotional struggles in your family that no one talks about.
  • Your family has been torn apart by the ravages of addiction.
  • You have tried treatment before but returned to your addiction after reuniting with your family.

Typically, family therapy for addiction occurs concurrently with the treatment of an individual. When someone partners with us to develop ways to overcome addiction and move toward recovery, we will look at opportunities for family counseling at our facility in Panama City Beach, FL. In most cases, this type of counseling can open doors for addicted families, even if the family members did not previously realize how they were creating an unhealthy cycle of addiction.

Receiving Family Therapy at JourneyPure Emerald Coast

Every person’s experience with addiction is completely individualized. Not everyone will need family addiction therapy or has family willing to participate. However, in most cases, it is a great way to heal underlying causes of the addictive behavior and prevent relapse post-treatment due to a more solidified support structure. Remember that even those who are not addicted to drugs or alcohol intentionally or unintentionally may be playing a part in your addiction.

Addiction treatment demands the commitment of every family member to increase the likelihood of success for the client. Because we work to treat the whole person, not just the addiction, learning how to thrive in the family unity is critical to total-emotional wellness. When families bond together to address the challenges of addiction recovery, the benefits don’t just impact the patient – they impact everyone involved. Improved relationships, better communication, greater functionality and a renewed affection among all family members are just a few of the tangible benefits family therapy provides. If you are interested in learning more about family therapy services, our admissions team will be happy to help.

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