Christian Recovery Program

Christian Addiction Recovery Treatment in Florida

The Lighthouse Christian Recovery Program at JourneyPure Emerald Coast offers patients the option of a Christian addiction treatment experience. Patients who participate in this program receive our evidence-based medical and clinical services adapted to provide a Christ-centered perspective. We understand that for some patients, spiritual healing plays an important role in overcoming addiction and we are happy to provide services tailored to their faith.

Growing Your Christian Faith in Rehab

Our Christian addiction recovery path is based on therapeutic decision-making and grounded in the SPEARS program developed by Karl Benzio, a Christian psychiatrist at Lighthouse Ministries. Patients who choose to participate take part in the same groups, adhere to similar clinical schedules and live in the same quarters with other patients. However, unlike other patients, they receive specific materials and guidance focused on Christian principles aimed at recognizing the importance of their spiritual health in their addiction recovery journey.

Participants have the option of engaging in treatment groups and individual sessions that interweave Christian principles with research-based therapeutic approaches. Participants will also have access to a therapist who is also a licensed minister. The SPEARS curriculum offers a medical approach to behavioral health rooted within a spiritual belief system.

Christian Focused Community Support Groups

We offer the option to engage with recovery support services that are adapted to be Christ-centered. Participants can begin and end their day with devotional groups based on Biblically- focused prayer and meditation. In addition to traditional 12-step meeting attendance, participants have the option to attend Celebrate Recovery, an explicitly Christian-focused community support group. We can also provide transportation to several welcoming congregations in the community for church services during a patient’s time in treatment.

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