Recovery Programs

Customized Addiction Recovery Plans

When it comes to addiction treatment, one size does not fit all. Each patient who walks through our doors will receive personalized care and compassionate service. We offer a wide variety of therapy options, including our comprehensive and holistic treatment programs that help heal patients, not only from addiction but from any underlying mental health issues. This dual diagnosis method is pivotal in building the foundation for long-term recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Patients may find that their alcohol or drug abuse has been masking a serious mental health issue such as depression, PTSD, trauma, or personality disorder. Our knowledgeable and highly credentialed team members have the skills and knowledge to support individuals with co-occurring disorders as they relate to addiction.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, we provide patients with the best in evidence-based treatment methods. Combining these methods with our dual diagnosis and total wellness model, each patient receives a fully integrated continuum of care that will leave them healthy and happy.