Out of State Drug Rehab: 10 Pros and Cons

Monday, February 17, 2020 | By JP Emerald Coast

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There are countless addiction treatment facilities located all throughout the United States. Some programs are specialized towards a certain population, while other programs offer more in-depth care. One treatment program might be hospital-based while another might provide one with the freedom to continue living their regular lives while being treated. The most important thing that you can do when you are looking for treatment is to consider all of your options, and one of those options is to go out of state for care. 

Pros of Out of State Drug Rehab

When you need drug rehab, you might need to look out of state to find the right program for you. There are several benefits of attending an out of state drug rehab, from having little to no distractions and reducing your risk for relapse to obtaining specialized services and changing your geographical location. As you consider which drug rehab to attend, do not be shy to look out of state, as there are several pros to doing so. 

benefits of going to rehab in a different state

No distractions

When you are in drug rehab, it is imperative that you are not being distracted by other things outside of your own personal recovery. That is because recovering from a substance use disorder can be very complex and time-consuming. It is common that during this time, you will experience some emotional fatigue from the therapy that you are participating in, making it critical that you do not over-extend yourself in other areas of your life. When you take yourself out of your state where you are familiar with your surroundings and have ties to people, places, and things, you are eliminating potential distractions from standing in the way of your recovery, allowing for a better shot at ending your active substance use disorder for good. 

Reduced risk for relapse

Relapse is undoubtedly a part of recovery. There is simply no getting around it. But, relapse does not need to become a pit stop on your road to recovery if you make the efforts to prevent that from happening. One of the very best ways to do that is to attend an out of state drug rehab. When you go to an out of state drug rehab, you are immediately removing yourself from your regular living space, which takes you away from those who have been a source of your continued substance abuse. You will not be near your dealers or enablers, nor will you be tempted to walk out of rehab and go directly to a place where you used to use frequently. At first, the idea of going to out of state drug rehab might seem isolating in a negative way, however, it is anything but. By going to out of state drug rehab, you are isolating yourself from relapse triggers by placing yourself in the company of those who can help you achieve your recovery goals. 

Finding the best rehab for you

There is potential that the addiction treatment facilities in your state are not able to accommodate all of your treatment needs, as every person with a substance use disorder is different. When you consider attending out of state drug rehab, you open up the doors of opportunity in regards to programming options. You are no longer limiting yourself to the local treatment options. And while you may find that the care you can receive in your community is the best fit for you, you might also find a treatment facility out of state that is more fine-tuned to your needs. This is a common benefit for people who live in areas of the country where addiction treatment is not as widely available. It is common for people who are in need of professional treatment to look at facilities in states like California and Florida (to name a few) where there are several different options for care. 

Chance for a fresh start

When you are in addiction treatment, you will learn that if you continue to do the things that you have always done, you will continue to get the results that you have always gotten. You might find that going to an out of state drug rehab is the best option for you, as it gives you a shot at a fresh start. You are actively removing yourself from the settings in which you have spent your time using. You are not in the company of others who may trigger your desire to use or who encourage you to keep using. You are not getting treatment but continuing to live in the same space where all of your memories associated with using are. When you rid yourself of those negative factors, you are providing yourself with the opportunity to start fresh with a new outlook on life. You are being influenced by the positive environment that you have put yourself in, rather than being dragged down by staying in the same place, with the same people, and the same problems

Choice of physical location

Just because you are from a certain part of the country does not mean that you need to stay there. As you contemplate what your next steps towards recovery will be, it is important to evaluate if you want to head towards a different direction — literally. For instance, if you live in a state where you experience depression due to cold, snowy, or rainy weather, you might be ready to move somewhere where there is warmth and sunshine. It might sound trivial at first, however the environment that you live in plays a major role in your overall mood, which impacts your ability to remain in recovery. 

Higher chance at completing the program

If you enter into a treatment program, you will not be kept there if you do not want to be there. You can leave anytime you would like. Unfortunately, many people choose to do just that and in return, compromise their sobriety and recovery. But when you are at an out of state drug rehab, you are less distracted by the outside world, giving you a greater chance at completing the program. Studies show that the longer that a person remains in treatment, the more likely he or she is to remain in recovery for a longer period of time than those who do not spend much time in treatment. 

cons of going to rehab out of state

Cons of Out of State Drug Rehab

While there are several pros to going to an out of state drug rehab, there are also a number of cons as well. As with any decision that you need to make, it is helpful to weigh both the pros and cons prior to finalizing your choice. Some of the cons of out of state drug rehab might make you decide to stay closer to home, depending on your needs. 

Less contact with your support system

Thanks to technology, no matter where you go for addiction treatment, you can always stay in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones who support you. And while being able to talk on the phone, send text messages, and video chat with the people you love, nothing beats being able to have them participate in your recovery in person. 

Most addiction treatment programs offer family therapy sessions and family programming designed to help begin to heal everyone within the family. It is no secret that addiction is a family disease, and chances are, your family has been impacted by your substance use disorder. Being able to work together in in-person therapy sessions is a priceless advantage of addiction treatment, but if you attend an out of state drug rehab, that is a much less likely possibility for you and your loved ones. This is something to consider when making a decision on where to go for treatment, as healing the family is also extremely important. 

Unfamiliar environment

Lots of people thrive in new environments where they are unfamiliar with their surroundings, but many others do not. If you go to an out of state drug rehab, you will undoubtedly be entering into an unfamiliar environment. It will take time for you to learn the lay of the land. You will not have friends or family nearby, nor will you have many ties to any other places in the area. And while there is great benefit in this, sometimes it can be more detrimental than helpful. If you are someone who thrives in comfort and familiarity, attending an out of state drug rehab might not be the best option for you.

Potential insurance challenges 

When it comes to professional addiction treatment, insurance and the type of coverage that a person may or may not receive can get complicated. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to alleviate the challenges that are presented to us by insurance companies. The goal of obtaining coverage for your addiction treatment services can become more difficult if you look to attend out of state drug rehab. This is because some insurance companies only provide coverage in certain states and for certain services. If you are relying on insurance to get you through treatment, then it is critical that you reach out to your provider and ask about the parameters of your specific insurance plan. Not only will this inform you on what you can and cannot do with your insurance, it can also help to narrow down your treatment options both in state and out of state. But, be prepared for your insurance provider to possibly say that they cannot offer full, partial, or any type of coverage in certain parts of the country.

Logistical complications 

One of the greatest cons of out of state drug rehab is that it does take you away from your home. Depending on your responsibilities at home, work, or school, attending treatment elsewhere can really disrupt you and your loved one’s everyday lives. And while nothing is more important than getting the help you need to stop using, considering the logistics of your life when making this decision is imperative. 

For example, if you have young children, you may consider staying close by in order for them to come and visit you often. If you are participating in an outpatient program, going out of state for drug rehab might be counterproductive if you can still continue to work while in treatment. And, if you are a student and are able to maintain some involvement at school when in treatment, going out of state will make that impossible. 

It is always recommended that someone who is in need of professional addiction treatment does everything they can to get the help that they need, however, sometimes concessions need to be made for the greater good of everyone involved. So, prior to committing to an out of state drug rehab, consider all of your logistical information and determine how you will manage that when you are in treatment.

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