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Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | By Lisa Downing

Veterans Day – We take November 11th of each year to recognize and honor those that have served this country. Sometimes, while honoring the bravery that these men and women showed while fighting for our freedom, people forget that they have seen and experienced trauma. When returning to the ‘normal’ life of a civilian, veterans may find it hard to readjust.


Veterans may find themselves angry or sad, feeling isolated, or refraining from normal activities because they are struggling with their mental health. They may also feel that seeking help is a sign of weakness and instead self-medicate to escape their own mind.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The veteran community may be more prone to mental health conditions than the general population because of what they have experienced in the military. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is prevalent in veterans. It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of PTSD, but this condition can come after tragedies seen in combat, or forms of abuse or harassment while serving.

Sometimes, a person looks to drugs or alcohol to dull the feeling of intense emotions which can quickly turn into an addiction. Once a mental health condition and substance abuse is co-occurring, it requires dual-diagnosis treatment. This is when both addiction and mental health condition(s) are treated at the same time. Often, addiction is triggered by the inability to properly cope with one’s mental health condition; therefore, by tackling both, it increases the chances of long-term recovery.

The Freedom Program at JourneyPure

JourneyPure understands the unique needs that veterans may experience when it comes to their mental health or addiction treatment, which is why we started the Freedom Program. The Freedom Program focuses on providing care for not only veterans, but also active military and their loved ones. We offer the same treatment options as the VA and encourage any military or former military individuals to not wait to seek help when it comes to treatment for mental health or substance abuse.

If you or someone you love is having trouble with their mental health or addiction, do not hesitate to reach out to us. JourneyPure is here to provide you with personalized care that enables you to live the life you always wanted.

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