Majoring In Binge Drinking

Thursday, January 11, 2018 | By JP Emerald Coast

It’s a common occurrence for 18 year old college students, fresh out of high school, and living on their own for the first time to develop a curiosity for experimenting with altered states of consciousness.

From Animal House to Old School, alcohol and college have always come hand in hand. But what happens when that moves past experimentation and gets in the way of a student’s ability to learn and grow in the academic community?

Alcohol on Campus

According to a national study done in 2015 by the NIAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), 60% of students surveyed admitted to consuming alcohol in the month prior to the survey and of that 60% (2 out of 3) participated in binge drinking.

Going to college is about pursuing a career education to thrive as one moves into adulthood, begins their career, and starts a family. But alcohol abuse often leads to alcoholism and can hinder someone from being able to succeed.

The consequences that can arise are physical dependence, injury, medical issues, physical or sexual abuse, psychological issues, arrests, or ultimately dropping out of school. These are common issues that students and their parents face every day.

Recovery for all, Recovery for Students

There are solutions to these problems and students who struggle with these issues are able to turn themselves around and move on to live happy and successfully fulfilling lives. For the student, medical leave can often give them a reprieve from their course load in order to address the issues that are blocking them from success.

Journey Pure offers various types of treatment with the ability to focus on a client’s specific life history and combination of struggles. Residential treatment is usually recommended but Outpatient services are also a useful tool to aid in recovery and often recommended for aftercare.

JourneyPure uses informed, evidence-based approaches to focus on the individual needs of every client that checks in. With a staff that specializes in a variety of different treatment methods, we work to give each client exactly what they need when they return home, to school, or back to work.

Treatment and Continuing Care at JourneyPure

Ready for treatment? Your journey begins with the admissions team at 800-338-5770. Call JourneyPure Emerald Coast today to find the program and facility right for your specific needs. Your treatment and continuing care is our top priority.

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