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At Journey Pure Emerald Coast, we are proud to offer a top tier private drug and alcohol rehab center located in the Florida panhandle. If you live in Pensacola and are looking to get sober, our JourneyPure Emerald Coast facility may be the perfect fit for you. At our drug rehab centers by Pensacola, we treat people who are experiencing various degrees of drug addiction offering both inpatient and outpatient programs. Our team of professionals (including therapists, counselors, and nurses) is both skilled and compassionate and is devoted to helping those addicted to drugs overcome their struggles with this disease so that they can live a happy, healthy life.

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To accommodate the many needs of those people, we provide different levels of care at our facility, including the following:

When individuals come to us seeking help, we conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation so that we can obtain as much information as possible in order to determine which program is best for each patient. Many patients will begin in one program and then step-down into other programs (e.g. completing residential rehab and then transitioning into intensive outpatient programming). We continually work with all of our patients so that their course of care can be as flexible as possible so that all of their treatment needs are being met.

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Services We Offer at Our Drug Rehab Center Near Pensacola

Throughout our programs, patients can receive one or more services based on their specific needs. We offer several services at our drug rehab center in the Pensacola area, including the following:


It is extremely common for people addicted to drugs to also experience dependency. When someone is dependent on a drug, it means that their bodies now rely on it. Therefore, when use slows or stops, the body goes into a period of withdrawal. The severity of one’s withdrawal is typically contingent on the type of drug that was being abused, how long use was occurring for, and if the patient has any medical or psychiatric complications. Once withdrawal begins, many people go back to their drug abuse because the symptoms they are experiencing are too painful to deal with. At our drug rehab by Pensacola, we offer detox services that can help make this is part of getting sober much easier.

Those who participate in detox will stay at the facility for the duration of their withdrawal. They can benefit from the medical attention and psychiatric care they receive during this time, allowing them to stay par for the course in terms of achieving sobriety.

Medication-assisted treatment

Often beginning in detox, patients who are dependent on drugs (specifically opioids) can begin medication-assisted treatment. This type of treatment approach is evidence-based and has helped countless individuals get sober and maintain their recoveries. At our drug rehab in Pensacola, we utilize Suboxone to help guide opioid-dependent patients towards a life of recovery. This is a prescription medication that is opioid-based, however, is not nearly as potent as other opioids are. When it is taken as prescribed, Suboxone can lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms and decrease cravings for continued use. Patients at our drug rehab in Pensacola who participate in medication-assisted treatment can utilize Suboxone for the duration of time they and our providers feel appropriate.

Dual diagnosis treatment

Substance use disorders frequently go hand-in-hand with mental health disorders — so frequently, in fact, that almost 50% of those with a substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental illness. This is known as a dual diagnosis, and getting both conditions treated simultaneously is necessary.

At our drug rehab near Pensacola, we ensure that patients with a dual diagnosis are getting the support they need to overcome challenges related to their substance use disorder, but also gain the care they require in order to manage their mental illness. Patients will work with our team of professionals to learn how the two conditions interact with one another and how they can keep each issue from triggering the other.

Family programming

It is impossible for someone with a drug addiction to not impact their families when using. No matter how much they do not want to cause harm to their loved ones, there is usually no escaping the destruction that addiction can leave behind. At our drug treatment center by Pensacola, we offer family programming to the loved ones of our patients. We work to bring the family unit back together by improving communication, fostering compassion, dealing with resentments, and developing new skills to help improve future bonding. It is our hope that patients and their families can recover from the disease of addiction as much as possible, and we are dedicated to helping them accomplish that goal.

In addition to these services, we also offer specialized programming for medical professionals through the Healer’s Program and veterans and their loved ones with the Freedom Program.

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Attempting a stable, healthy life while addicted to drugs is impossible. Chances are that you are already aware of that, especially if you are considering getting professional addiction treatment. We understand that taking that first step and asking for help can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating, however, we urge you to push past your feelings of fear and doubt and call us right now. The longer you wait to get the help you need, the more consequences you will suffer.

Every single time you use drugs, you are risking your life. Do not let the disease of addiction convince you into thinking that your life is something that you can spare. Contact our drug rehab centers by Pensacola right now and get the help you need to stop using and start living.

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