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There has never been a greater need for addiction treatment services in the United States than there is today. With nearly 21 million people addicted to drugs and alcohol, there needs to be a wide range of treatment options so that everyone who is experiencing this insidious disease can receive the care that is on-point with their unique needs. At our drug rehab in Destin, we focus on providing the public with as much help as possible so that active addiction can become a thing of the past.

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Why Choose Drug Treatment Near Destin?

Unfortunately, Destin and surrounding cities in Walton County are not immune to the opioid crisis. Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson told the Northwest Florida Daily News that addiction issues in the county are contributing to everything from traffic accidents to car burglaries.

“Unfortunately, opioids have continued to have a very significant impact on citizens here not only in Walton County but in Florida at large,” Adkinson said. “Whether that’s anything from crime-related use of opioids to suicide to overdoses, it has definitely had an impact on quality of life for a lot of our citizens here, certainly.”

At our drug rehab in the Destin area, we know that not every person coming to us for help is going to require the same level of addiction treatment. Therefore, we focus on providing a variety of different drug rehab programs that can meet each patient where he or she is at in his or her addiction.

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Levels of Treatment

Residential rehab

Residential rehab, which is also known as inpatient treatment, is the highest level of addiction treatment that a person can obtain. It is typically reserved for those individuals who:

  • Have a severe substance use disorder
  • Are experiencing a substance use disorder and a mental illness (known as a dual diagnosis)
  • Require detox services in addition to therapeutic care

Our residential drug rehab near Destin provides patients with a peaceful yet productive environment where they can recover from their addictions. Our team of seasoned professionals will work with patients to determine their greatest needs and develop a treatment plan that supports their mental, emotional, and physical development. While in residential rehab, patients will participate in several evidence-based treatments, ranging from group counseling to cognitive behavioral therapy and more. Patients of our residential drug rehab by Destin usually stay in the program anywhere between 30 and 90 days. 

Partial hospitalization

Partial hospitalization, where patients continue to live at home or in a sober house while receiving treatment, is a full-day program. All patients come to our drug rehab for their treatment, which includes but is not limited to, individual and group therapy as well as experiential therapy (such as music therapy and art therapy). Partial hospitalization is an excellent option for individuals who are able to live on their own but who still require rigorous and consistent addiction treatment. 

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs are often confused with partial hospitalization programs, however, they are not as involved as PHP’s are. Our intensive outpatient program at our drug rehab in Destin allows patients to reside at home while obtaining treatment. They will come to our facility regularly and engage in various therapies, activities, and exercises that will help them overcome the current addiction-related challenges they are facing. Our intensive outpatient program is ideal for those patients who:

  • Have already completed a higher level of care, such as residential rehab or a partial hospitalization program
  • Do not have treatment needs that require significant attention such as that offered through residential rehab, but have needs that require more focus than what an outpatient program can provide
  • Do not require detox or any other around-the-clock medical or psychiatric service

In addition to these programs, we also offer our Healers Program for medical professionals and our Freedom Program for members of the military. 

What Services are Offered at Drug Rehab in Destin?

Patients at our drug rehab near Destin usually require one or more services to enhance their treatment and/or address specific recovery needs. Therefore, we focus on providing the appropriate services for our patients so that they can fully heal.


Many people seeking professional addiction treatment require detox services, as they are physically dependent on one or more substances. Our drug rehab provides these services, allowing patients to be in the presence of medical and psychiatric professionals while clearing drugs from their systems. Arguably one of the greatest benefits of detox is that patients can have access to professionals who can guide them through this notoriously challenging time.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Often beginning during detox, medication-assisted treatment (or MAT) is utilized for those patients who are dependent on opioids like heroin or OxyContin. When people who are hooked on these substances stop using, they quickly go into a period of withdrawal that is riddled with symptoms ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to abdominal cramping and chills. Medications such as Suboxone and methadone can help ease the symptoms patients experience at this time, allowing them to focus more on their recovery rather than struggling with the desire to start using again to get rid of the pain. 

Dual diagnosis treatment

Nearly half of all individuals with a substance use disorder also experience a co-occurring mental illness. At our drug rehab, we ensure that patients with a dual diagnosis are obtaining the appropriate treatment for both conditions at the same time, so that both their substance use disorders and their mental illnesses can get better simultaneously. Studies have proved that only addressing one condition in someone with a dual diagnosis does not produce effective treatment results.

Family programming

Addiction is a family disease, and at our drug rehab by Destin, we put forth as much effort as possible to help bring healing to the entire family unit. While a patient is receiving care at our facility, his or her family members can attend family therapy sessions either in person or via phone call. This specific type of service can help families understand the disease of addiction, discuss resentments, make amends, and develop new skills that can help them grow alongside one another.

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You do not need to stay trapped in a dangerous and deadly cycle of drug addiction. No matter what your challenges or apprehensions may be, you can obtain help that will support you getting sober and into recovery.

JourneyPure Emerald Coast offers the best in evidence-based treatment for addiction and mental health services near Destin, FL. Our clinicians specialize in dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions, such as depression, PTSD or Bi-polar disorder. We want each patient to experience healing of the mind, body, and spirit while learning strategies for long-term recovery after leaving treatment. Each patient will take part in individual and group therapies, and experiential therapies like equine and songwriting. Each of these therapies help get the root of the addiction and help work through the emotional wounds.

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