JourneyPure hosts Important Florida Addiction Professionals Networking Event

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 | By JP Emerald Coast

Now, more than ever, it is important for the state of addiction treatment in Florida to improve. Article after article seems to uncover yet another corrupt, fraudulent treatment center. When there is already great stigma around the disease of addiction, we do not want it to also plague the very industry built around treating and healing those who suffer.

The opioid crisis in the state of Florida is driving thousands of children into foster care. The CDC reports that the drug overdose death rate in 2017 rose 55% over 2016. And local police forces are struggling to keep up with overdose calls.

JourneyPure is working to serve the Florida community through our accredited, local JourneyPure Emerald Coast and 12Keys addiction treatment programs. Both locations offer a full continuum of care, and we truly strive to be a community resource and serve a Florida population in great need of quality care. We work with veterans through tri-care at our Emerald Coast location and accept a wide variety of insurance and payment options at all of our southeast locations. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to people having access to care, so we stay informed on all of quality treatment programming options across the nation so that even if we aren’t the appropriate fit for someone in need, we can point them to a reputable program to meet their needs.

Peer Networking Among Addiction Professionals in Florida

In an effort to share best practices, elevate those doing great work and network with like-minded professionals, JourneyPure is hosting a networking event in Florida. On March 6th, from 6-9 pm at Habeneros Cigars we will invite all addiction professionals in the area to come out and network, socialize and connect around the mission of furthering access to quality, addiction treatment in the southeast.  Our Chief Marketing officer Jamie Vance and business development representative Matt Noel and Joanne Devine are hosting. We would love to see you there!


WHEN: March 6th, 6-9 pm.
WHERE: Habenero’s Cigars
WHO: All addiction professionals are welcome

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