Integrated Care: Honoring the Earth and Ourselves

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 | By JP Emerald Coast


Earth Day is again upon us, and with the transition from Spring into Summer, the energy of rebirth and regeneration is a strong focus.  As citizens of a global community, we continue to hope for and persist in efforts to create a clean environment within a climate of increasing urgency.  The ravages of climate change manifest every day, and we know that one person’s efforts alone will not effect the changes needed. We know that a team effort is required, to help write environmental success into our history. We also unite in praying for peace, within our country, as well as with and amongst our neighbors. We realize that changes need to be made in order to help clean up our action and sustain the Earth for generations to come.

Holistic Solutions

As individuals, on the path to recovery, we can learn from this day. Whether you are already healing, or are ready to begin your journey, we see you as a sum of many parts, rather than as just your addiction or illness.  Just as we unite to treat the issues of the world, and stand together to try and get everyone we know on board with community recycling programs, and carpooling, whatever will help, we at Voyage have designed our clinical services in an integrated way to treat multiple issues concurrently. We honor your story, and give you the courage to begin anew, with new insight, coping mechanisms, and tools for a fulfilling and healthy life. We know that recovery is a process, and we have developed innovative ways of helping you maintain your goals even after you leave our facility.

Healthy Future

We believe strongly in support and our team unites in creating a friendly community which honors each person as a holistic environment. We incorporate fitness of mind, body and spirit into each person’s treatment solution. As with Earth Day, the energy is about finding a new direction, creating positive changes, and then sustaining these through on-going support.

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