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WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR Professionals Program For Substance Abuse

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, we provide the most in-depth, holistic treatment for professionals in the Panama City Beach area. Each one of our programs is designed to address substance abuse, treatment, and recovery to produce the most positive outcome: happy, healthy lives free of substance abuse.

Often, our Professionals Program For Substance Abuse is focused on treating the client’s addiction as a symptom of one or more underlying mental health conditions.

We understand that professionals face stressors unique to their career tracks. We utilize a 12 Step-based program that incorporates evidence-based therapies and community support so that clients heal.

It is our goal at JourneyPure Professionals Program For Substance Abuse to aid our clients in learning the skills necessary to rebuild their lives and get on with their careers. This includes a strong focus on building tools to help our clients decrease stress and practice good self-care.

When paired with evidence-based therapies and clinical and psychological support, professionals can overcome any challenges with substance abuse.

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What You Can Expect


At our Professionals Program For Substance Abuse, we offer Panama City Beach’s best substance abuse treatment for professionals.

Professionals are leaders in their career fields, like CEOs, or who hold an exceptional amount of responsibility in their job title, like doctors and autopilots. They are often considered some of the brightest, most driven, and compassionate people in the workforce.

However, some professionals can find themselves trapped in a dangerous cycle of substance abuse that can negatively impact their lives, their work, their physical and emotional health, and those around them. For these situations, JourneyPure offers its professionals program for addiction treatment.

A professional’s abuse of drugs or alcohol might not be noticeable to the average observer.

In fact, many professionals who grapple with substance abuse tend to function on a high level, as is their nature.

However, whether the substance abuse is noticeable or not, professionals must receive treatment in order to continue their careers and regain their physical and mental health. Addiction treatment is necessary to help them overcome their problems and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Clinical Assessments at our Professionals Program

When a professional has made the decision to receive substance abuse treatment, he or she first receives a clinical assessment.

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, our medical and psychiatric teams work together to find out as much as possible about the client. Then, they develop an individualized addiction and mental health treatment plan to meet his or her needs.

The assessment determines if the client needs to participate in detox services prior to beginning the therapeutic aspect of the program. It also shows which therapies are best suited to the client’s individual needs.

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Continued Care – 

Being in the confines of a residential treatment center provide a level of addiction treatment support unlike any other. That said, we provide a number of options for continued care for the after treatment.

Each client goes home with his or her own aftercare plan. This plan can include going to 12-Step meetings regularly, seeing a local therapist, or getting a sponsor. We also offer weekly meetings and frequent outings through our alumni program that all clients are welcome to attend.

Also unique to JourneyPure is our JourneyPure Coaching app. This app can help clients track their sleep, diet, exercise, meetings, and more, all while connecting them to a recovery coach who will monitor their progress. This added layer of support can help clients remain accountable to someone, thus progressing their recovery.

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With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, the professionals who come through our doors can expect to receive the highest quality of care that includes evidence-based treatments, clinical approaches, and tried-and-true treatment methods.

Specifically designed for working professionals, our professional’s program provides intimate and intensive programming to give our clients the care they need.

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