Experiential Addiction Therapy Program In Panama City Beach FL

What Is Experiential Addiction Therapy?

Experiential/Outdoor addiction therapy in Panama City Beach, FL is an important part of any addiction treatment program. Unlike traditional talk therapy, experiential/outdoor therapy allows the patient to participate in guided activities that nurture the spirit and allow the individual to release emotions that have been buried for some time – or ignored altogether. Once these emotions are identified and brought to the surface, patients can begin the process of healing and develop coping strategies for the future.

Experiential addiction therapy programs are guided by a professional therapist who will not only observe the actions of the individual during the activity but also help him or her draw out the emotions that are being felt in an effort to promote resolution. Additionally, that therapist and the activity at hand can help an individual realize experiences or emotions that might have been blocked from their memory.

Probably the most beneficial piece of experiential/outdoor therapy is providing the patient outlet recognizing the root cause of their addiction but there are a number of other benefits associated with this form of non-traditional therapy:

  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Better coping skills and strategies
  • Increased self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Re-building trusting relationships with others
  • Empathy for others
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, or depression
  • Improved attention, focus, and accuracy
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved problem-solving skills

Experiential/Outdoor Therapy In Panama City Beach Florida

Songwriting Workshops
Songwriting can put your feelings into words in an artistic and creative way, freeing patients from the emotions associated with addiction and any depression or anxiety they may be experiencing. In a group setting, the feelings and emotions of the group are put into words and displayed for the songwriter leading the session. They then compose a song that captures all of these feelings. It’s a powerful bonding experience for patients to take part in.

Equine Therapy
Horses and humans can develop an almost symbiotic bond. Horses are a vital part of the therapy staff. Equine-assisted psychotherapy is an evidence-based therapy that has proven to be an effective form of therapy in patients with depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, as well as other chronic mental disorders such as substance use disorder

Team-Building Activities
Many individuals who are suffering from addiction and any mental health challenges have trust issues and may have strained personal relationships. Team-building activities can be the perfect, low-risk place to start to gain trust and learn how to be trustworthy.

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Outdoor Challenges and Recreational Activities
One of the biggest benefits of residential addiction treatment at JourneyPure Emerald Coast is our beautiful location and its easy access to the beach. This means experiential therapies can involve numerous amount of outdoor challenges. We offer recreational activities that will help you push yourself physically and mentally in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

Wilderness and Adventure Therapy
If you crave adventure, we have wilderness and adventure therapy sessions. These therapies will make you feel more in tune with the person you are becoming during the recovery process. Wilderness Experience Therapy (WEP) puts patients in an environment totally unlike their previous environment — primal, natural and pure.

If you are ready for addiction treatment but have hesitated, now is the time. Addiction treatment at Emerald Coast is anything but boring. We ensure you are receiving the evidence-based clinical treatment you need while incorporating fun and exciting experiential/outdoor therapy into the program. Call today to learn more about drug and alcohol treatment at JourneyPure Emerald Coast.

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