Florida addiction rehab center offers dual diagnosis treatment

Friday, December 12, 2014 | By JP Emerald Coast

It’s rare that any self-destructive behavior such as addiction or an eating disorder exists in a vacuum.

The human mind is complex. There are innumerable factors that affect every choice we make, including biological, chemical and emotional factors. In many cases, drug addiction is closely linked to a psychological disorder, where addiction is co-occurring with a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, trauma or bipolar disorder.

Many drug addiction centers, including ones in Florida, approach treatment with a single goal: stopping self-destructive behaviors. However, it isn’t that simple.

Because mental health and drug addiction are so closely intertwined, it’s critical to treat drug addiction as well as any co-occurring disorders simultaneously. Emerald Coast JourneyPure provides dual diagnosis treatment in Florida.

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How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Works

Our dual diagnosis treatment in Florida addresses any co-occurring mental health disorders alongside drug addiction. We accomplish this through:

  • Therapy and behavior management. Individual and group therapy teaches you how to recognize and handle craving triggers. Learning how to cope with stress alleviates the likelihood that you will turn to drugs and alcohol to “escape.” Our therapists work with each individual to discover the challenges unique to you.
  • Medication for dual diagnosis. In some cases, medication is a potential treatment for dual-diagnosis. Together, medication and therapy can treat the medical health disorder and ensure you’re in a healthy state of mind for addiction recovery.
  • Aftercare. Long term support, community and accountability are necessary to live a lasting life of sobriety. No matter where you live in Florida, our Rec-Coach services keep you connected to a health support system.

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