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Admissions for the Family

We’re Here to Help you Find the Best Treatment Fit for Your Family

When it comes to finding treatment for your family member or someone you love, the admissions process begins with a call where you’ll speak with one of our admissions counselors. We are available around the clock to help answer all of your questions about our program and whether we may be the right choice. We understand this can be a learning experience and we are committed to finding an appropriate treatment plan for your loved one whether that be with us or another provider. Because personal information will be discussed during the call, be sure to be in a private place where you can speak freely.

What’s the process for admissions?

We know the importance of implementing a streamlined admissions process once your loved one is ready for treatment. We have a simple 4 step process to ensure an expedient admission making for a safe transition for the patient. The process is as simple as:

This is the first step in the process. You will learn about our program and have the opportunity to ask all of your questions. If you are looking for some FAQs and information about what you should be asking, view our admissions page for more.

We will get some basic information about the patient on the front end. Please be prepared to provide us with the applicable information to complete a patient assessment:

  • Patient’s full name, birthdate and social security number
  • Patient’s insurance card
  • Patient’s drug and alcohol addiction history
  • Patient’s mental health history

There are insurance and self pay options that many families and patients utilize. Learn more about paying for treatment here.

After assessment and initial payments are complete, the patient will be given a specific arrival or intake time. Our friendly staff will be here to welcome them and begin the check-in process. You will most likely want the patient to put you on an information release document so that you can be kept abreast of what is going on in treatment. Once you call, our admissions team can speak more on going about that.

What if They Aren’t Ready to go to Treatment?

Sometimes family members will call us before they have spoken to their loved one about coming to a program of rehabilitation. If you think your loved one may be resistant to the idea of an inpatient program for drug or alcohol abuse, an intervention may be something to discuss with our admissions team. We have a network of preferred providers highly trained in the field of intervention and can give you some recommendations about what that process looks like. You can also learn more about interventions here.

We’re Here to Help

Our admissions team can answer any questions you have about JourneyPure Emerald Coast, how to pay for addiction treatment and assist with verifying insurance. Use the form below and an admissions coordinator will reach out to you shortly.

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