Traveling for Treatment

Traveling for Treatment

Choosing to travel for treatment or stay local is one of the first decisions many patients and families have to make when choosing where to begin their addiction recovery journey. Some of the top reasons or advantages to traveling for drug and alcohol rehab are:

Five Reasons Many People Choose To Travel for Treatment

Cost Savings

Some of the local programs in your area may be out of your price range in terms of insurance or privately paying. Often times patients utilize insurance benefits to pay for treatment and while some in-network options may be close by, there are some that may be quite a distance. Traveling may mean a better cost savings or financial fit for the patient and family. Our private pay families also look to make sure the location they are selecting is one that meets their goals both clinically and financially. Sometimes the best fit means a plane ride.

Better programming and quality of care?Some patients and families, particularly in very rural areas, don’t have local access to quality addiction treatment care. Finding accredited therapists, facilities and quality programming can sometimes mean traveling for drug and alcohol rehab. It is important to not let a specific number of miles dictate the treatment you will receive. Choosing the best treatment center for your goals is an astronomically important first step to living the sober life you deserve.

Immediate Availability

High quality programming can sometimes mean a wait list. For patients whose needs are urgent, this could mean traveling to receive immediate assistance. We would urge you to call right away to determine if we have availability of you on an immediate basis. We are committed to helping you find care in a timely fashion, even if that means going elsewhere.

Avoiding Enablers

Some patients need to get some distance between themselves and the temptation of their soon to be past life. Finding a fresh community for treatment, eliminating easy access to enablers in a week moment, can be key to patient completing a full residential stay. Upon leaving JourneyPure Emerald Coast, many patients are able to return home having found the recovery support they need to avoid past triggers, enablers and unhealthy habits. Other patients sometimes love the new community where they found recovery and choose not to return home. Either way, initial separation can be just the start needed to ensure a patient completes their treatment plan and obtains the patient goals they set for themselves.

A Climate for Wellness

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, a lot of our patients are attracted to the climate and location. The beautiful Emerald Coast is known for being warm, sunny and an ideal location for restoring total-wellness. There have been many studies on why blue space, the ocean and sunshine are good for us, and our Panama City Beach, Florida location is able to take advantage of that as an added benefit to coming to us for treatment.

Staying Local

Sometimes patients are not able to travel for treatment even if they may wish to. Some of the most common reasons you may not may not be a candidate for traveling to treatment are:

Legal issues: Sometimes the law prohibits individuals from leaving the state

Insurance: When a patient is dependent on insurance for receiving care, they may not be able to travel due to insurance benefits denying out of state coverage.

Family role: Some families will be participating in the treatment program through family counseling and local treatment may provide for better access for family care.

Whether you are looking at JourneyPure Emerald Coast from afar or right here in the Sunshine State, we’d love to talk more about whether or not we may be the best fit to meet your needs.

We’re Here to Help

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