Alcoholics, addicts reap benefits of therapy in addiction treatment

Monday, December 15, 2014 | By JP Emerald Coast

Why do I have to go away for addiction treatment?  It’s difficult to leave your normal routine, to drop everything and check into a facility for an extended period of time.  Most people do question is it really necessary?

Addiction treatment goes beyond the addictive substances.

The therapeutic effects of addiction treatment in a residential rehab facility are indisputable. The first goal following a physical detox is to arrest the disease long enough to dig into underlying issues including behavior, psych, trauma, attachment disorders and general unbalanced emotional and physical health to begin healing. This lays a stronger foundation for you leaving addiction treatment to continue with daily living with minimal stressors interfering with ongoing recovery efforts. 

Integrating into community.

Typically it takes 3-4 days to fully integrate into a new community while in addiction treatment. Your support team will help facilitate this process creating a safe and welcoming environment encouraging involvement and trust building.

  1. Medical monitoring of detoxification process.
  2. Medical monitoring of physical health which allows quicker detection of any underlying physical issues which may have been covered up and/or neglected during active chemical use.
  3. Professional monitoring of behavior which allows quicker detection of any underlying psychiatric and/or trauma issues which may have been covered up by active substance use.
  4. Removal from a person’s regular environment upsets the status quo and makes the person more amenable to change.
  5. Removal from a person’s regular environment decreases the other demands. (i.e. family , work, community, etc.) so that the person can focus on him/herself and recovery.
  6. Removal from a person’s regular environment decreases environmental triggers to use and limits ready access to chemicals.
  7. Removal from a person’s regular environment plus contact with persona having similar issues triggers an intense bonding experience; in this safety, a person is more willing to risk disclosure and change
  8. The intense bonding experience that occurs in residential addiction treatment can then carry over to aftercare and 12 step meetings
  9. Initial craving management and emotional upset can be managed within ia protected environment
  10. A natural setting has long been known to promote introspection, emotional calm, and healing – set and setting for spiritual experience
  11. A set structure to assist in developing a balanced lifestyle – mealtime, bedtime, exercise time, rest times etc.

We are committed to helping you remain focused on your treatment while in addiction treatment. Please get in touch so we can assist you finding the best care today.


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