Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

It is not uncommon for patients suffering from addiction to also experience a co-occurring mental health disorder. Co-occurring disorders is a term often used interchangeably with dual-diagnosis to describe when someone with a substance use disorder is also suffering from a mental health issue like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder or PTSD. Studies suggest that people with mental health disorders are far more likely to abuse substances in order to cope. There are approximately 9 million Americans who abuse alcohol or drugs that have an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Sadly, only about 7% of these people receive the treatment they need.

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment Model, provides integrated services to address both addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously. Research shows this to be a more effective treatment program as when one end of the spectrum is stabilized but the other is not, there is an imbalance that could lead more quickly to relapse. JourneyPure Emerald Coast is a premier rehabilitation center that provides integrated, comprehensive care to patients experiencing co-occurring disorders.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment in Panama City Beach

You may benefit from dual diagnosis treatment if you struggle with alcohol or drug addiction AND:

  • Have been diagnosed with anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, or any other chronic mental health disorder.
  • Persistently feel empty, sad, anxious, hopeless, or have suicidal thoughts.
  • Feel guilty, worthless, or helpless.
  • Find no pleasure in previously enjoyed activities.
  • Struggle with indecision.
  • Feel easily exhausted.
  • Have problems with sleeping.
  • Experience unusual weight fluctuation.
  • Are tense, irritable, or restless.
  • Experience digestive problems or headaches that don’t respond to treatment

Studies indicate that abusing substances can accelerate or worsen mental health conditions, but there is no need to suffer alone. Our highly-trained, compassionate clinicians guide you in addressing any hidden mental health issues that are a contributing factor to your addiction struggles. JourneyPure Emerald Coast works together with patients and families to identify and eradicate your triggers— developing a workable plan that supports your long-term recovery. At JourneyPure Emerald Cost, we emphasize recovery success as going beyond sobriety. We work to treat the whole person and that includes providing tools for improving mental health!

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