What Forgiveness Does for Your Personal Health

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 | By JP Emerald Coast

Live a Healthier (And Longer!) Life

Forgiveness is an important part of caring for your mental health, but studies have found that the act of forgiveness is also beneficial for your physical health! When you forgive and let go, you’re lowering the risk of heart attack, improving your cholesterol, and even getting better sleep. Decreases in blood pressure, stress, and anxiety are also beneficial side effects of forgiveness. Studies even go as far as to show that you are likely to live longer when regularly practicing forgiveness.

But all forgiveness is not created equal. “Conditional forgiveness” is the act of forgiving only once some apologizes or seeks out your exoneration. When someone can only forgive under these circumstances, they aren’t as likely to experience the same increased life expectancy as those who forgive freely.

In terms of self-forgiveness, studies show that making amends or asking forgiveness of someone you wronged makes it more likely you will forgive yourself and experience the mental and physical benefits of letting go. Sometimes, the only person you have wronged is yourself. Oftentimes, in addiction specifically, there is a great deal of shame that comes with using, as well as the behaviors and actions that come with being under the influence. Shame can make self-forgiveness difficult for many. Some feel like they can’t possibly move on or that forgiveness is deserved. When you aren’t able to practice forgiveness for yourself, you may fall into a vicious cycle of self-destructive behaviors such as rage, lashing out, and self-medicating with substances. It is important to find ways to make amends with yourself to experience the freedom that comes with finally forgiving.

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If you are experiencing the shame and self-destructive behaviors that accompany addiction, JourneyPure Emerald Coast is here to help. We focus on healing more than just physical addiction. We take a holistic approach to wellness—treating mind, body, and spirit. Following the medical model of addiction, we are an evidence-based treatment facility and take great care to incorporate many different therapies into our program, enriching the recovery process for our patients.

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