Marijuana Drug Treatment in Florida

Marijuana Drug Treatment in Florida

In 2016, 17,240 patients across the state of Florida checked themselves into addiction treatment facilities for addiction to marijuana. Marijuana today is a different drug than it was two decades ago. This is a result of the way that it’s grown and cultivated. The products that are available on the market today tend to have a much higher THC content than they did in years past. THC (delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol) is the psychoactive ( mind-altering component) of marijuana, found in the leaves and buds of the female plant.

Twenty-five years ago, marijuana had a THC concentration of less than 4%. Today the THC content of marijuana averages slightly less than 10%. THC extracts and oils have concentrations ranging from 50% to a whopping 80%. As plant concentrations continue to get stronger, many people, especially kids, do not compensate by ingesting less. They continue to smoke and consume as much as they did a long time ago, unaware of how much more THC they are presently taking in.

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Debate about whether marijuana status as a gateway drug has raged for years. Many believe that if you use marijuana it will only open up the floodgates of other drug use for you. Others firmly believe that marijuana is not an addictive substance, so they think it can’t create any further problems with addiction to other drugs or alcohol. Florida toxicology reports in 2016 found that marijuana was present in 20% of all drug-related deaths during the first half the year. This highlights that it is, at the very least, a popular polydrug use substance.

Because marijuana is one of the more easily accessible drugs, people with addictive tendencies or people who are looking for a way to fit in to a new social scene can use marijuana a stepping-stone to experimenting with other drugs such as heroin, cocaine or alcohol.

How Can You Tell if You Should Seek Help for Marijuana Substance Abuse?

It’s possible to be dependent on marijuana without being clinically addicted but the ramifications of frequent use are serious. Some signs it it a good idea to seek help are:

  • You miss work or school because of your habit.
  • You have low self-esteem because of your marijuana use.
  • You find that you need to use increasing amounts of marijuana to achieve the high that you like.
  • You use more marijuana then you plan to.
  • You tried to cut back but withdrawal makes you irritable and depressed.
  • You worry about having problems with the law because of your use.
  • You have cut out friends and activities because of your use.
  • You spend all your time trying to find marijuana, smoking it or thinking about it.
  • Your relationships with family have been negatively affected.
  • You “borrow” money from others without asking in order to buy more marijuana.
  • You’ve tried to quit on your own but you can’t.
  • You’ve tried to quit on your own, but are unable to do so

With any addiction, trying to go through withdrawal alone is tough. There are too many factors involved in successful recovery for you to manage while battling the physical discomfort of quitting. To achieve your goal of a drug-free life, you need help. Addiction is a disease. Just as you would not expect to reasonably treat a infection without proper medical care, you should not anticipate great results in fighting your addiction without professional care.

Panama City Beach Marijuana Treatment

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