JourneyPure Coaching™

Stay sober with our web-based app, JourneyPure Coaching™

JourneyPure Coaching™ is a reflection of our commitment to help patients get healthy and stay healthy through an aftercare program where every patient is assigned a personal recovery coach and provided access to our innovative app. Patients are to be guided through an individualized program of recovery for a minimum of one year after successfully completing their stay with us at JourneyPure Emerald Coast. Promising to dramatically increase chances for long term success in recovery, JourneyPure Coaching™ offers four critical components for success:


Regular phone calls and messaging from your recovery coach will help keep you accountable and provide you with a trusted resource for asking questions and advice.


A collaborative in-app recovery support team is designed to utilize both automated and personalized messaging. Our technology keeps you on track by creating tasks, pertinent to your sobriety, for you to work through or complete. Our goal is to provide you with a personal recovery community at your fingertips and ensure you are thriving in your sobriety.

Continuing Care

Because treatment doesn’t end when you leave our doors, we work to provide you with continued therapy and treatment opportunities at our JourneyPure locations. Groups are offered regularly to ensure our patients always feel a part of the JourneyPure family.


Alumni events are a valued part of many patients’ journeys. You will be invited in to special events and participate with a built-in network of support.

More than a sobriety app

JourneyPure Coaching is much more than solely monitoring sobriety. At JourneyPure, we understand that recovering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues involve developing and committing to a balanced plan of healthy living. This is encouraged by JourneyPure Coaching’s approach of prioritizing recovery, combined with the three “pillars of health” – sleep, nutrition, and exercise. JourneyPure’s goal in this approach is to help our clients achieve total wellness and design a life plan that encompasses wellness for mind, body and spirit.

JourneyPure Coaching™ reflects our true commitment to help patients overcome addiction and stay on the path of recovery. Our software is HIPPA-compliant, and specifically designed for JourneyPure and our patients. The JourneyPure Coaching goal is always to provide ongoing support working with clients long term to maintain their sobriety for long-term recovery, health and happiness.

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