In: November 2015


5 Commonly Unknown Facts About Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is a common term for driving an automobile after consuming alcohol. Many people are aware that drinking affects the ability to drive, but can also downplay just how serious it can be for everyone involved. For years, people have studied just how much drinking effects the ability to drive safely. They’ve uncovered facts everyone should know.


Signs a Loved One Is Abusing Drugs

Would you know how to tell if a loved one is abusing drugs? Most people would not want to picture someone they care about falling into drug abuse and addiction. This is an issue that affects all types of families, and it is not confined to people living in a certain area or who belong to a specific socioeconomic group.


Alcoholism, mental disorders likely for adults who were young drinkers

The age of first use of alcohol has been studied for decades. The first use of alcohol refers to someone’s first memory of drinking any kind of alcoholic substance. The age of first use, of course, then represents the age that someone first remembers using alcohol.


Driving high on marijuana presents hazard to road safety

Many people think that driving high on marijuana is safe. In fact, studies reveal that the majority of people think that driving while high on marijuana is not a serious problem. Is driving high dangerous?