In: October 2015


Alcohol takes toll on achieving REM sleep

It’s an age-old idea: A drink before bed leads to better sleep. Whether it’s a night cap of whiskey, a glass of red wine or more than a few drinks to help someone ease into drowsiness, drinking might not be the bedtime buddy we’ve always thought it was. In fact, it may be working against us.


What is Flakka? Everything You Need to Know

You don’t have to be part of the club scene to know about Flakka because it’s been in the news since 2002. That’s when this new drug began making headlines in South Florida for inciting strange behavior, emergency room visits and overdose deaths. Flakka is still so new that specific emergency room stats are not available, but anecdotal evidence that Flakka is a dangerous drug is all over the news media.


OxyContin, codeine among top 10 most common prescription drug addictions

When people think of addiction, the first image that comes to mind is usually the nightmare of dependency on drugs like meth or heroin — chemicals that are found on the streets in unknown dosages from questionable sources. However, most people are likely to overlook the dangerous strength of the remedies in their own medicine cabinets.