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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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Bipolar disorder is a severe mood disorder that affects about 5.7 million people nationwide. The older name for the disorder, manic depression, described the disease very well.

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A diagnosis of bipolar disorder may explain what you’ve been struggling with, but it also means the beginning of treatment. Bipolar disorder treatment centers in Florida include JourneyPure Emerald Coast. If you suffer from bipolar disorder, or bipolar disorder and substance abuse problems, call us today at (800) 493-5253 for more information.

Bipolar Disorder Explained

With bipolar disorder, people swing between two extremes: mania and depression. Mania means a feeling of euphoria. During the manic phase of bipolar disorder, people can be talkative, happy, excited and energetic to the point of frenzy.

After the manic phase, people may settle down into a relatively stable mood before plunging into the depressive phase. During the depressive phase, major depression sets in, with many sufferers unable to feel anything but bleak, dark depression.

These phases come and go in cycles, or waves, usually with months or even years between the phases. The characteristic that sets bipolar disorder apart from other mood disorders or simple mood swings is the severity of the moods.

People aren’t just happy during the manic phase. They may be unable to “come down” from the euphoria. They come up with grandiose plans. They may be sexually promiscuous during the manic phase or make extravagant purchases.

The same goes for the depressive phase, but in the opposite direction. People with bipolar disorder don’t just feel sad during the depressive phase. They may become suicidal or be unable to move or get out of bed during this phase.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Doctors look for one or more serious episodes of either mania (Bipolar I) or depression (Bipolar II). Each of these episodes must be followed by its opposite.

The type of bipolar disorder you’re diagnosed with depends on which “pole” tends to be the strongest. People who go into strong manic phases, for example, may follow up with less severe depressive phases, but they still “come down” from the manic phase. Someone with Bipolar II may drop into deep depressive phases, followed by hypomania or a less severe mania than their Bipolar I counterparts.

No matter how you describe it, bipolar disorder is distressing, disruptive and debilitating. The following general signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder may give you a clue that what you’ve been experiencing is more than just moodiness.

The symptoms that present themselves may be different depending on which phase, manic or depressive, you’re experiencing.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder during a manic episode include:

  • Feeling on top of the world
  • Grandiose plans
  • Inflated self-esteem
  • Excessive talkativeness
  • Racing thoughts, sometimes racing by so fast that they don’t make sense
  • Increased goal-directed work, such as huge plans for school or work projects that normally are too hard to do in a short period
  • Lack of self-control, such as impulsive shopping or sexual conduct that’s out of character

During the depressive phase, people with bipolar may experience:

  • Extreme feelings of sadness or despair
  • Extreme irritability, especially in younger people with bipolar disorder
  • Feeling worthless or despair
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Eating too much or not eating at all
  • Unable to feel pleasure or unwilling to engage in activities that once gave the person pleasure, such as a hobby or being with friends
  • Isolation and withdrawal


Anyone thinking of suicide or mentioning suicide should be taken seriously. Don’t delay getting help. Call your doctor. If the person is actively considering suicide, call 911 and get them to an emergency room. Their life may depend on it.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Florida

Treatment for bipolar disorder in Florida is available at JourneyPure Emerald Coast. We treat substance abuse as well as mood disorders including bipolar disorder at our facility in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Mood disorders such as bipolar disorder often go hand-in-hand with substance abuse disorders. Many people try to “self-medicate” with drugs or alcohol when they’re feeling sad, anxious, irritable or even happy. If you need help with substance abuse disorder or bipolar disease, don’t delay.

substance abuse and bipolar disorder

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, licensed therapists and addiction counselors will work with you to map out a plan for your recovery. Each person is unique, so no two recovery plans are identical. You may participate in individual or group therapy, experiential therapy, 12 step meetings or other activities to help you develop the tools and skills you need to successfully recover from bipolar disorder and substance abuse.

In addition to bipolar disorder treatment, other programs offered by JourneyPure Emerald Coast include:

  • Medically assisted detox. Don’t suffer through withdrawal alone. Medically assisted detox makes early recovery less overwhelming. Reduce sickness, cravings, anxiety, insomnia and other common withdrawal problems with JourneyPure Emerald Coast.medically assisted detox
  • Trauma care. Many people who suffer from substance abuse have also suffered trauma. Our evidence-based trauma recovery program helps people cope with anger and sadness, and express feelings in a healthy way.trauma affecting addiction
  • Evidence-based medicine. The professionals at JourneyPure Emerald Coast use the latest techniques in evidence-based practice to help our clients achieve better outcomes. Some of the therapies we use include music therapy, motivational interviewing and more.evidence-based medicine for addiction treatment
  • Aftercare. Our proprietary aftercare program includes a personal recovery counselor and a software program that gives you a helping hand whenever you need it. With JourneyPure Emerald Coast, you won’t have to transition to life outside treatment by yourself.aftercare for addiction

Get Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Now

JourneyPure Emerald Coast is a residential treatment center that offers holistic care to individuals who suffer from mental health disorders, trauma and substance abuse. If you want to know what your bipolar disorder treatment options are, and especially if you abuse substances, call us for a consultation. Our trained and experienced professionals will give you a thorough assessment and design the treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

No matter how long you’ve suffered from bipolar disorder, treatment is available. Compassionate, caring and understanding people are waiting to help you. Give us a call at (800) 493-5253.

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