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Aftercare Services for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Aftercare for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Completing a program with the intention of overcoming substance abuse, chemical dependency and/or mental health challenges is a major accomplishment on the road of recovery, but a few weeks of treatment should not be mistaken for long-term recovery. Despite hard-earned and well-deserved gains, there’s much more ground to conquer following an addiction treatment program. That’s why we offer comprehensive aftercare services with our addiction treatment programs.

During the weeks, months, and even years after going through our effective treatment, the possibility for relapse is very real. If you have a co-occurring disorder, then the risk of relapse and falling back into familiar, addictive behaviors is even higher. JourneyPure Emerald Coast aftercare programs are designed to minimize that risk and keep you moving forward on your journey to a completely addiction-free life. Not only do we design our Florida aftercare services around your needs, but we use world-class, proven techniques to set you on the path to true recovery.

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare Treatment in Florida

Relapse is a hallmark symptom of addiction, especially if you have a dual diagnosis. Individuals with a co-occurring mental health challenge like depression or anxiety are more likely to revert to substance abuse to mask challenges that may arise after treatment. JourneyPure Emerald Coast’s aftercare treatment program creates an extra level of accountability that prevents individuals from returning to an old habit.

JourneyPure Coaching

We are committed to each individual leaving our facility up to a year, which is a benefit to anyone who chooses our Florida aftercare services. Through research, we now know that while relapse can be a part of the recovery process, it doesn’t have to be. Staying connected to recovery support networks, and staying connected with mental health and addiction professionals gives those addicted a much higher rate of not only staying clean and sober, but continuing in recovery toward a pure life. Utilizing evidence-based treatment, we have developed a program and a strategy that is effective. This is what makes our aftercare services for substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health challenges so widely respected across the country, as well as within our own state of Florida.

Rec-Coach is an application that helps you stay connected to your recovery support team no matter where you are. The Rec-Coach accountability tools help to document and locate your meeting attendance, schedule appointments with health care providers and check in with your sober support. All of your support members can have logins to the system where they can use our secure messaging system, secure web chat and view weekly progress reports.

Utilizing this application will help create transparency allowing you to focus on your ongoing recovery. You deserve to be successful and to have the ongoing support of those around you. Rec-Coach makes the transition out of treatment seamless and supportive, one of the newest methods of treatment aftercare that keeps people connected and feeling supported.

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Florida Aftercare

JourneyPure Emerald Coasts’ Florida aftercare program is designed for clients finishing residential substance abuse treatment or Intensive Outpatient treatment. It allows the individual to remain involved with the treatment environment while providing ongoing support and accountability.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is very similar to traditional aftercare with the exception attendees are not restricted to former JourneyPure Emerald Coast clients.


There are numerous situations in which an individual would be required to attend a monitoring group. Courts often require clients to be monitored for abstinence. There may also be monitoring requirements as a part of many impaired professional programs, workplace EAP’s and medication management requirements.

Remember, recovery is not fully stabilized until four or five years of continuous recovery and abstinence. Up to a quarter of individuals who complete substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health challenges treatment will be readmitted within a year of discharge.

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, our aftercare for drug and addiction rehab empowers you with the coping strategies needed in recovery to prevent relapse. Unless individuals develop new ways of coping, they will be prone to relapse. New coping strategies coupled with the accountability of aftercare result in long-term recovery.

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