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Addiction Treatment in Florida

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One of the Leading Addiction Recovery Centers in Florida

Among addiction recovery centers in Florida, JourneyPure Emerald Coast has a reputation for comprehensive and holistic treatment programs. In other words, we treat the whole person. We have found that this is unique among many treatment programs. Our different approach has helped people, just like you, to forge a path toward a future that includes a happy life free from addictive behaviors.

To find out more about our addiction recovery treatment programs, as well as how you can pay for the treatment you need, please contact our team of caring professionals today. We look forward to helping you at our addiction treatment center in Florida near the water in Panama City Beach.

Addiction Treatment Program

JourneyPure Emerald Coast’s addiction treatment center in Florida offers unique services that give you the tools you’ll need for a pure lifetime of recovery. Our services include:

Long-term Treatment

It can be difficult to get started on the path to recovery when you are surrounded by temptations and distractions. When you need to get out of your current setting to focus on your recovery from substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health, our long-term rehabilitation in northern Florida is the perfect location. Not only will you be able to relax, but you’ll also have all of the amenities of a warm tropical climate with beach access.

Long-term treatment will allow you to fully concentrate on all the services we offer at JourneyPure Emerald Coast. You will discover that our welcoming facility offers privacy and safety, including secure, medically supervised detox. Do you want to know more about long-term treatment options, such as whether your insurance provider may cover part of the cost of treatment or how long you can expect to be at JourneyPure Emerald Coast? Please call us today.

Dual Diagnosis — Many people suffering from addiction also suffer from other untreated conditions, such as bipolar disorder and clinical depression. As you can imagine, these untreated conditions can sideline your successful recovery when they are neglected during your alcohol treatment.

Did you know that JourneyPure Emerald Coast is one of the only addiction treatment centers in North Florida to focus on dual diagnosis treatment? By treating all of your diagnoses, you set the stage for a lowered likelihood of relapse. Plus, you get the tremendous benefit of self-knowledge and better health. Many clients are relieved to finally be able to more fully understand why they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Medical Detoxification Services — JourneyPure Emerald Coast addiction treatment center in Florida provides full medical detoxification services that focus on alcohol and substance abuse detoxification. Medical detoxification has many benefits, the first of which is adding safety to the detoxification experience. Going “cold turkey” and quitting alcohol or drugs abruptly can lead to disastrous, painful results. By undergoing safe, methodical, supervised, medical detoxification at JourneyPure Emerald Coast, you can comfortably detox without fear of hurting yourself. Our detoxification services run 24 hours a day, each day of the week.

Case Management — Have you unsuccessfully tried to battle your addiction before? That often happens when the people who are helping you do not speak with one another regularly. We’re prepared to manage your case from beginning to end, giving you one-on-one, personalized therapy from the day you arrive. Everyone who manages your case has full knowledge of what is happening during your treatment. This ensures we are leaving nothing to chance, and you are getting individualized care. We provide contact and support for your entire first year in recovery. We also have proprietary software called Recovery Coach to help you navigate the rebuilding of your life. You deserve to have every edge you can when battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Case management is one tool that you will appreciate for years to come.
Additional Therapies — Experiences help make us who we are, and we believe positive experiences related to treatment are an integral part of the recovery journey. Through experiential therapies, JourneyPure Emerald Coast opens doors for self-discovery and self-expression. These therapy treatments can positively impact your life and can include equine therapy, team-building activities and adventure challenges.

Imagine going through treatment at our pristine facility and leaving with not only the keys to a lifetime of recovery, but perhaps a new hobby or even career path. JourneyPure Emerald Coast can help you achieve more than beating your addiction — we can help you see yourself in a new light.

Family Counseling — No individual lives in a complete vacuum, and every person who regularly touches your life is important to your ultimate recovery. Your substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health challenges aren’t just about you — they are also about all the people in your life. We involve the family in the process. From your family members to your friends, you have a group of individuals who care about your recovery. We offer family counseling services so your loved ones understand how to help you throughout your treatment and recovery. This provides a solid foundation you can build upon when you leave JourneyPure Emerald Coast’s facility treatment center in Panama City Beach, Florida and move into our aftercare services.
Outpatient Therapies — When you leave JourneyPure Emerald Coast, you’ll still have a connection with our team at our treatment center in Florida. Outpatient therapies keep you accountable for your decisions and support your long-term recovery goals. Remember that every step you took during your time with us will lead you to a much more fulfilled life that is free from the need to turn to drugs and alcohol.

What Will You Gain at Our Addiction Treatment Centers?


You have so much to gain when you put your trust in JourneyPure Emerald Coast. You deserve a future where addiction doesn’t rule your days and nights. Our experienced and compassionate mental health professionals are waiting to work with you, and our addiction treatment center, as a team, will guide you toward your dreams of life post-addiction. To learn more about our addiction treatment capabilities, please call us today.


If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s critical to seek professional help for both chemical dependency and mental illness. The team at JourneyPure Emerald Coast is here to help. Call (800) 493-5253 today. Our lines are open 24/7/365.