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12 Step Treatment Program

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Our 12 Step Treatment Program

You may be familiar with 12 step programs for alcohol and drug treatments. At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, we believe that these 12 step treatment programs can be exceptional ways to help overcome addiction, substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health challenges.

JourneyPure Emerald Coast offers a 12 step program for substance abuse led by the very best clinicians and support team members. During the substance abuse treatment program, our trained facilitators will lead you on a journey that includes:

  • Admitting that without intervention, your substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health challenges will control you.
  • Uncovering and accepting the reasons that the addiction came into your life and why it’s still with you today.
  • Admitting to the decisions you’ve made while under the influence of your addiction.
  • Making amends to those you have affected while in the grips of your addiction, whether to alcohol or drugs.
  • Admitting any undesirable decisions you make along the way to recovery and immediately doing everything in your power to learn from those mistakes, make amends and move forward.
  • Helping others understand the powerful spiritual — not necessarily religious — outcomes of a 12 step treatment program.

Emotional, physical, spiritual and mental recovery is emphasized in any 12 step substance abuse program, along with the belief that a spiritual awakening can overcome the spiritual emptiness produced by addiction-fueled self-centeredness and selfishness. According to 12 step principles, the spiritual awakening experienced by a 12 step member is not necessarily something that is dramatic and sudden. Rather, it’s something that develops slowly during recovery, as the person gains self-awareness, admits to their past errors and makes amends to help lead to humbleness and gratitude.

Sponsors who are recovering substance or behavioral abusers are assigned to members of a 12 step fellowship. Their task is to guide a new member through the program by sharing their experiences, insights and knowledge with the sponsored.

Becoming a sponsor in a 12 step program for drug addiction is considered the final step on the path to recovery. This is because sponsors have been clean and sober for an extended period and feel strong enough to help a fellow addict through the stressful times that may lead to relapse.

A 12 step program for drug abuse is not meant for everyone. Some do not find the heavily spiritual aspect of the program to be helpful to them while others feel uncomfortable abiding by specific principles and traditions. Clients at JourneyPure Emerald Coast can discuss whether they think a 12 step program may be right for them before taking steps toward entering the program.

Why Our 12 Step Treatment Program Works

why-12-step-treatment-worksThe 12 step substance abuse treatment program at JourneyPure Emerald Coast works for people like you who want to move past their addiction to drugs and alcohol. This 12-step system comprehensively allows you to address every element of your addiction. You are never alone in your goal toward complete health. We help you get healthy and stay healthy. Our compassionate addiction professionals understand how to help you as you progress through the 12 step treatment program, and they can answer your questions along the way. We also have proprietary software called Recovery Coach, as well as Human Recovery Coaches, to help you navigate the rebuilding of your life during and after treatment.

We are proud of each client who has taken the very first step: calling JourneyPure Emerald Coast. If you are ready to lead a life free from drugs and alcohol addiction, please contact our compassionate team.

What You Will Gain From a 12 Step Treatment Program

Our 12 step treatment program will give you tremendous advantages, as well as tools to remain sober and healthy, including:

  • A more thorough understanding of why you have a substance abuse addiction or chemical dependency.
  • A stronger sense of wellness. Your mind and body will feel much clearer and lighter.
  • An ability to deal with stressors in life. Stressors are a part of living. The better you can handle them, the less likely you’ll be to relapse back into addiction.
  • A way to regain the confidence of and relationship with important people your life. This could be a significant other, family member or good friend.
  • The understanding that addiction doesn’t have to be an end. You can start a new beginning at any time with support from JourneyPure Emerald Coast.

Clients of JourneyPure Emerald Coast will also work closely with caring, professional staff members who bring wisdom, understanding and empathy to the recovery process. JourneyPure Emerald Coast’s staff of counselors, therapists, physicians and addiction specialists are some of the best in the addiction treatment milieu. Their tremendous wealth of experience has been acquired from spending many years counseling people seeking help for addiction issues, and their genuine desire to help those who want it is also invaluable in the recovery process.

In addition to a 12 step program for drug addiction, we provide a variety of services designed to support recovery from addiction and psychological problems arising from the trauma of addiction. These services include:

  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient psychological services (individual, family and group
  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and rational-emotive therapy)
  • Spiritual/faith-based counseling
  • Supervised medical detoxification
  • Life management and coping skills to prevent relapse
  • Anger management and stress reduction through experiential therapies
  • Holistic services

Many times, people with substance dependencies suffer from mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, panic and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress syndrome and borderline personality disorder. This can complicate the recovery process and lengthen the time needed for clients with a dual diagnosis to overcome an addiction and to learn how to successfully cope with relapse triggers.

Clients receiving treatment at JourneyPure Emerald Coast benefit from our addiction counselors because they are non-confrontational, sympathetic and willing to help clients in all aspects of their recovery. They also provide excellent guidance for clients wanting solid advice regarding life, relationship, education and employment skills.

Addiction counselors and specialty counselors provide the individual motivation and encouragement clients need for a successful recovery. They are also helpful in informing clients about vital recovery tools, how to implement them effectively and the existence of a 12 step program for drug abuse — with which many people are unfamiliar.
As a fully staffed residential treatment center, JourneyPure Emerald Coast offers clients with addiction and mental health issues the chance to regain their mind, body and life by remaining housed temporarily at our center and benefiting from structured recovery programs, such as a 12 step program for substance abuse, tailored to their special needs.

If you or someone you know suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism, we offer the kind of unconditionally compassionate support and professional tools needed to beat the cycle of addiction. Please call us today at (800) 493-5253 or contact us online.

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