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Spice Addiction Treatment

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Spice is synthetic marijuana. It’s also called k2 and herbal incense. People make spice from a variety of herbs that they often spray with synthetic chemicals to produce a high. Although the herbs themselves aren’t dangerous, the chemicals added to them are.

Spice, synthetic marijuana, K2 … whatever you call it, it’s a dangerous drug that can lead to addiction. For spice addiction rehab in Florida, contact JourneyPure Emerald Coast. We can help you recover from spice addiction or an addiction to other drugs and alcohol.

What Is Spice?

Chemist John W. Huffman was looking for synthetic cannabinoids, or marijuana-like drugs, for medicinal purposes. But when he discovered that people were using the chemicals he identified to get high, he warned repeatedly of their dangers. Today, manufacturers spray one or more of these chemicals onto herbs to create spice.

Spice was sold legally in the United States in packages marked “incense” or “herbs” at convenience stores and other shops. In 2012, spice was banned at the federal level.

Dangers of Spice

Spice causes immediate effects after you smoke it. At first, it may produce euphoric or hallucinogenic effects. These effects can quickly change into paranoia and aggression. Other signs of spice use include excessive sweating, an inability to speak and paranoia.

The body can store the chemicals that make up synthetic marijuana for a long time. This makes spice an especially dangerous drug, since users take more, and the drug builds up, causing additional harm. Psychosis, sometimes misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, can even result from too much synthetic marijuana.

An overdose of synthetic marijuana can cause symptoms of being poisoned. People end up in the emergency room with cramps, vomiting, seizures and rapid heartbeat. In a four-month period in early 2015, 15 people died from spice overdoses.

Although people start taking spice because they see the word “marijuana” in the name and think it’s safe, it’s a lot more dangerous than natural marijuana. The quantity and quality of the chemical additives change from batch to batch, and there’s no way you can be sure of what you’re getting. Combined with the fact that synthetic marijuana builds up in the body until you can accidently overdose, and you can see why it is such a dangerous drug.

Synthetic Marijuana or Spice Addiction

Although the makers say it’s not addictive, users continue to return for more spice despite the negative effects they feel from it. Other signs of addiction include:

  • Denying, hiding or lying about abuse. This is the most common sign of addiction.
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when sober. If you or your loved one feels sick or anxious when you cannot use spice, you have a dependency problem.
  • Problems in other areas of life. Losing your job, forgetting about activities and friends you used to love, money problems, legal troubles and failed relationships often occur when drug abuse is a problem.
  • Feeling a growing desperation to get high. When getting high becomes the only thing that’s important, then it’s time to get spice addiction treatment.

Spice Addiction Treatment in Florida

Legal authorities are trying hard to ban all forms of spice with limited success. As soon as experts can identify one active ingredient and make it illegal to distribute, illicit manufacturers have discovered something else that works. That means that because the ingredients in spice change frequently, they are sometimes available for purchase over the counter. Regardless of the formula of spice you use, synthetic marijuana rehab in Florida is available at JourneyPure Emerald Coast. Our residential recovery program offers:

  • Medically assisted detox. The first few days in recovery are tough, but they don’t have to be impossible. Our trained medical professionals provide compassionate, skilled care in detox. You can relax into recovery and feel less anxiety, fewer cravings and less overwhelmed. You can also reduce or avoid symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment. The symptoms of depression and anxiety cause many people to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. If you suspect that preexisting depression or anxiety could be at the root of your spice abuse, we can help. Mental health disorders are treatable, and getting help may reduce your need to abuse drugs such as spice.
  • Evidence-based medicine. Our evidence-based approaches include programs such as motivational interviewing and trauma care. You can change ingrained behaviors, uncover the reasons abuse became a problem and deal with the events of the past in safer ways than spice abuse.
  • A spiritual recovery. The physical and psychological effects of addiction are challenging but so is the damage abuse causes to the spirit. Discover your purpose in life with 12 Step and alternative treatments shown to help people discover their true selves.
  • Aftercare. Many clients worry about what happens after residential treatment ends. You’ll work with a recovery coach who will design a plan around your specific needs. You’ll also have access to our proprietary software, Recovery Coach, so you’ll have a helping hand whenever you need it.

Get Spice Drug Addiction Treatment Now

JourneyPure Emerald Coast offers holistic treatment for k2 or spice addiction, as well as treatment programs for a wide range of drug and alcohol problems. We can also help you if you’ve been diagnosed with mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety.

Because each person’s needs are different, our licensed therapists and addiction counselors create a personalized plan for your recovery. Your individualized program can include individual and group therapy, 12-step work, experiential therapy and more.

Spice, k2, synthetic marijuana … whatever you call it, it’s not good for you. You deserve better. Start your recovery today by calling JourneyPure Emerald Coast at (800) 493-5253

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