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Our passion is helping others who seek recovery from addiction. JourneyPure Emerald Coast is dedicated to providing an integrative approach to addiction treatment. Our rehab facility provides trauma-informed services and dual diagnosis treatment.

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JourneyPure Emerald Coast accepts most insurance providers. Contact us to have your benefits verified.

As a family member of JourneyPure, we are also able to offer financial assistance through American HealthCare Lending.

The most effective treatment in Florida at JourneyPure Emerald Coast

Are you suffering with addiction, substance abuse, chemical dependency or mental health challenges? Are you looking for the best treatment for your challenges? JourneyPure Emerald Coast is a recognized leader among treatment programs in Florida, and we’re here to help you throughout your journey in recovery.

Did you know that recovering from the disease of addiction is similar to recovering from a long, debilitating illness? In contrast to a physical disease, addiction also carries a psychological component that requires the expertise and compassionate understanding provided by professional therapists and counselors experienced with helping people who abuse drugs and alcohol

Treatment at our state-of-the-art Florida rehab for addiction consists of detoxifying the body, receiving psychoeducation regarding the biological foundations of drug addiction and engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy with an addiction therapist. In addition, we also offer experiential therapy and holistic services to improve on the self-empowerment tools you already have within you but were never taught how to use properly.

“Curing” something like a prescription medication addiction is a misnomer. Instead, the process of recovering is a lifelong series of ups and downs, insights and epiphanies, learning previously unknown truths about yourself and taking pride in being strong enough to make that first step toward freedom from drug addiction.
Recovery begins as soon as that life-changing decision is made to take control of a new, sober life just waiting to be experienced at its fullest. Nothing is impossible, and everything is possible.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction to alcohol or drugs affects every aspect of life, and it affects each person differently. That’s why we offer comprehensive treatment tailored to the needs of each client. You’ll receive personalized professional care that promotes long-term recovery. Whether your addiction has lasted for weeks, months or years, our team members have the expertise to skillfully assist you in treating your drugs or alcohol challenges. Our 12-Step treatment method has worked for so many others. Isn’t it time you put it to work for you?

Detox Services

You can detox comfortably at JourneyPure Emerald Coast. Our principle goal is to make sure your medically supervised detox from drugs or alcohol is held to the highest standards possible.

Dual Diagnosis

Many times, underlying psychological and medical challenges may play a role in your addiction. If they are not addressed and treated as part of your holistic recovery plan, you will have a lowered likelihood of long-term recovery.

Case Management

You will receive the care and guidance of a dedicated case manager, who will help you map out and reach your goals. Our case managers are well-versed in working with people who want to move past their addictions and toward recovery.


When you finish your treatment at JourneyPure Emerald Coast, your relationship with our rehab facility does not end. We use special software to help you follow a healthy path throughout your first year after addiction treatment.

Anxiety Treatment

Untreated anxiety can become a springboard for addictions to drugs and alcohol. By exploring your anxiety challenges, we can help reduce your dependency on substances.

Experiential Therapy

Part of recovery is finding out more about yourself. At JourneyPure Emerald Coast rehab facility, you can grow in your life journey through experiential opportunities, such as songwriting workshops. Find out how experiential therapy can help when you call JourneyPure Emerald Coast today.

Family Counseling

Addiction does not happen in a vacuum. Families can help you through your treatment and recovery. That’s why we spend time working with your family members if family counseling is advisable.

Holistic Treatment

The holistic approach to our drug and alcohol treatment has made us one of the best rehab centers in Florida. We treat every part of you, which is one of the reasons for our clients’ continued success with our facility and programs.

Looking for drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida for yourself or a loved one? Please call JourneyPure Emerald Coast for more information. Time is critical when you are dealing with an addiction. Get the help you deserve right away.

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Recover at Our Beachside Panama City Drug Rehab Facility

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast you will discover that we take a holistic approach to effective treatment. We treat the whole person including the mind, body and soul.  We consider all elements of your life during recovery, from your history to your future goals.  Compassionate behavioral health professionals who are dedicated to your success will provide you the tools you need to apply in order to overcome your addiction, chemical dependency or mental health challenges.

One of the most appealing aspects of our Panama City Beach Addiction and Dual Diagnosis center is its location near the beach.  As a treatment facility in Florida, we offer you a pristine and calming setting that will transport you out of your daily concerns and allow you to focus fully on your recovery. You’ll be able to experience all the beauty and serenity that our treatment facility in Florida can offer.  Plus, the warm geographic location provides an excellent place for you to begin physically healing by introducing a wide variety of recreational exercises into your daily routine. JourneyPure Emerald Coast will help you become healthy and stay healthy.

JourneyPure Emerald Coast has earned its status among other rehab facilities in Florida as a place where you can finally learn the tools to apply toward overcoming your addiction, substance abuse and mental health challenges. Call JourneyPure Emerald Coast’s professional experts today to learn more about our treatment facility.

We Build Everything Around You

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, clients have 24/7 access to support services designed to help them through the recovery process. Our drug rehabilitation programs include sober recreational activities, recovery group support,
educational counseling concerning relapse prevention techniques and a thorough development of life skills.

Drug addicts and alcoholics rarely overcome their addictions without professional assistance. Whether that assistance comes from addiction therapists or recovering addicts who have “been there, done that,” our clients experience life-changing moments from listening to valuable insights about living a sober life. Support services for our recovering addicts are essentially based on talking and learning about all aspects of addiction by maintaining an open dialogue with others who have experienced the same painful realities of living as an addict.

Our Florida rehab support services also address other issues besides the addiction itself. Many addicts come from
dysfunctional families in which one or both parents were substance abusers. As a result, they never got the chance to learn the healthy, productive coping skills needed to successfully deal with all the ups and downs life throws at us. Unfortunately, the only coping skill many addicts learned as children and adolescents was to turn to drugs or alcohol for escape

At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, clients learn how to productively understand and cope with past and present difficulties through cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills training, experiential therapies and the help of empathetic addiction counselors.

Support services at our addiction treatment center of Panama City also embrace the participation of family
members and friends who deeply care about their loved one’s successful recovery.

With the compassionate and unconditional support of addiction therapists, JourneyPure Emerald Coast clients discover that overcoming addiction is both achievable and sustainable. We believe in giving our clients the time necessary to understand and assimilate the useful variety of coping techniques they will learn by attending individual and group counseling sessions.

Achieving sobriety and being able to maintain it is not like recovering from major surgery. Addiction recovery demands that you stay out of bed, keep moving, keep learning and remain focused on what you are being taught by our addiction therapists. Mastering the ability to concentrate on the mindful activity of living in the here and now instead of dwelling on a past that cannot be changed is just one of the many skills our Panama City drug rehab support services teach clients who visit us.

We Are Only a Phone Call Away

When you choose JourneyPure Emerald Coast as your recovery partner, you’ll get more than a group of caring individuals who want to assist you in succeeding. We have a thorough review process that allows many expert minds to collaborate on effective treatment planning for you or your loved one. You’ll also get the advantages of working with a treatment facility in Florida that uses the most current methods of addiction, chemical dependency and dual diagnosis treatment. At JourneyPure Emerald Coast, we hire the very best clinicians and provide support, training, and continuing education along the way.

The inspirational and educational aspects of support services are also invaluable to all our clients. While our wonderful psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors provide exceptional, evidence-based assistance, our support services also provide a specialized kind of help crucial to addressing the entirety of a client’s needs. Even after clients have completed their individualized recovery program, they can continue to access our support services to build on the skills they learned while receiving intensive counseling and therapy services. JourneyPure Emerald Coast is always here to provide clients with the help and support they need at any time in their recovery process.

It’s time to move past your addiction, chemical dependency or mental health challenges. With help and guidance from JourneyPure Emerald Coast’s mental health professionals, you can finally enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of having. You deserve to be able to wake up every morning knowing that you have recovered from your addiction. With us by your side, you’ll have what you need to make the right choices and learn more about yourself.

If you or a loved is suffering from an addiction to drugs, alcohol or both, please call our Panama City drug rehab treatment center at (800) 493-5253 or get in touch with us online — our caring staff members are waiting to help you take control of your life.

We can assist in finding out your insurance benefits.

If you, or someone you love, are suffering from addiction, we’re here to help.

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